Murphy Reprises Corzine’s Asset Monetization Plans, MMM Reprises ‘King of the Road’

Asbury Park Press graphic. Permission to use granted 11 years ago

Politico is reporting that Governor Phil Murphy is reaching back to the previous Goldman Sachs Administration in New Jersey by “launching an effort to identify state assets that could be leveraged to reduce New Jersey’s unfunded pension liability.”

Former Governor Corzine couldn’t sell his idea of selling New Jersey’s toll roads to investors (China) for a $30+ billion cash infusion to plug our chronic budget wholes. Will Murphy, who according to Politico is looking to sell more assets than toll roads,“numerous state assets, including property, buildings, roads, transit facilities, easements, air rights, naming rights and infrastructure, such as airports, bridges, water facilities, ports, parks and recreational facilities,” succeed where Corzine failed?

Politico says that Senate President Steve Sweeney supports the concept.

On January 21, 2008, MMM responded to Corzine’s scheme with a song parody crafted by Lori Gallagher, aka Mrs. Musings:

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Corzine and other MF Global directors reach new $64.5M settlement with investors

NEW YORK–Former Gov. Jon Corzine has agreed with other former directors and officers of MF Global Holdings, the failed brokerage that bet big on European bonds and lost, has agreed to settle an investor lawsuit for $64.5 million. U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero gave preliminary approval of the deal Tuesday, according to court filings, and scheduled… Read the rest of this entry »

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Ex-governor Corzine discussing plans to start hedge fund, report says

assetContent (63)NEW YORK CITY — Former governor and U.S. Senator John Corzine may soon add another title to his resume — hedge fund owner. According to the Wall Street Journal, the fund would likely be launched with Corzine’s own personal wealth, along with contributions from a handful of outside investors. Corzine has a background in high finance,… Read the rest of this entry »

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Stalking Jon Corzine

assetContent (63)Few of the financial titans who ran firms into the ground over the past decade are as deeply connected on Wall Street and in Washington, D.C., as Jon Corzine, onetime New Jersey governor and U.S. senator and the former CEO of both Goldman Sachs and the now-defunct brokerage house MF Global. A testament to that may… Read the rest of this entry »

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Former Governor Corzine’s Son Has Died At 31

UPDATE:  The NY Daily News is reporting that Jeffrey Corzine was found dead several days ago in a Mexico City hotel.   He had long struggled with drugs and alcohol.


Jeffrey Corzine, 31, the son of former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine has died, according to a report in The New York Post.

Details about his death have not been reported.   Jeffrey worked as a drug counselor in California.

Governor Chris Christie issued an expression of sympathy to the Corzine family.

“My thoughts and prayers are with Governor Corzine, Joanne and the entire Corzine family on the tragic loss of Jeffrey. They are both devoted parents and the loss they have suffered is unthinkable. Mary Pat and I send our personal condolences and condolences on behalf of all the people of New Jersey to the Corzine family during these very sad times.”

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Corzine is off the hook

photo via facebook

photo via facebook

Former Governor Jon Corzine will not face criminal charges for his role in the collapse of MF Global, the investment firm he led after leaving office in New Jersey, according to a report in the New York Post.

“After 18 months of investigation, the criminal probe into Jon Corzine is now being dropped,” a person with knowledge of the probe told The Post.

“There is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing,” this person said.

The Justice Department’s decision to drop the case is sure to come as a relief to Corzine, who has been widely blamed for MFG’s bankruptcy — as well as the misuse of some $1.6 billion in customers’ funds.

Last week, Corzine was hit with civil charges by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission in connection with the illegal tapping of the funds, which were improperly co-mingled with the MFG’s house money in the firm’s final days.

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Corzine facing proposed lifetime ban from futures trading

Two directors of the National Futures Association will propose that former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine be banned from the industry when the group meets tomorrow, according to a report in The New York Post.

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Is Christie’s reelection inevitable?

Governor Christie will be in Aberdeen today to accept the endorsement of the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) for his reelection bid.

Before wingnut conservatives get all crestfallen or disgusted, let me remind you that the Teamsters endorsed Ronald Reagan.   A labor union’s endorsement doesn’t automatically make that Republican a RINO, unless you consider Reagan a RINO.

Yes, this means that New Jersey is not likely to become a “Right to Work” state so long as Christie is governor,  It also means that we will continue to overpay “prevailing wage” on government funded and supported construction projects. As our friends at InTheLobby point out, it also explains why Christie has thwarted efforts to expand legalized gambling in New Jersey to race tracks, but those are all other stories.

What the LIUNA endorsement really means is that New Jersey Democrats are not likely to make a fight of the gubernatorial campaign in 2013.  Christie’s post Sandy poll numbers make him look invincible.  By locking up a major union endorsement early, Christie is creating an air of inevitability for reelection.

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Christie: The Corzine Democrats Are Back

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Menendez Continues to Poll in Very Dangerous, Corzine-like Territory

New Quinnipiac University poll shows him under the all-important 50 percent mark for incumbents
Middletown, May 16 A Quinnipiac University poll released today confirmed Menendez’s worst fear: he can’t poll above 50 percent. As an incumbent, that’s dangerous territory, that’s Jon Corzine territory.
“We’ll keep a close eye on this U.S. Senate race…Sen. Robert Menendez’s lead is far from solid… Menendez would feel a lot better if he could hit 50 percent on his approval rating…” said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.
It doesn’t help that Menendez has been recently mired in scandal. A top-tier donor of his was convicted last week for illegally donating nearly $100,000 to his campaign- of which he returned only $18,000. Where is the other $80,000, Senator?
Menendez is also being asked to step aside from the Senate Banking Committee’s investigation of the MF Global collapse. This request was made following an investigatory hearing when Menendez tried to direct the focus of the investigation away from his past political ally- former New Jersey Governor MF Global CEO- Jon Corzine.
And, in an interview on MSNBC yesterday discussing the JP Morgan loss, Menendez proved again that he is trying to protect the people close to him- while expecting everyone else to play by the rules. Menendez said, “What I care about is not an individual, I care about a system. Having system controls to ensure that no matter who is at the head of a company, this can’t happen.”

It is clear Menendez doesn’t care about holding ‘individuals’ accountable. See no evil. Hear no evil. Time and again, he has proved unwilling to put his oversight role on the Senate Banking Committee above his self-serving double standard. The people of New Jersey can no longer afford to play second fiddle to Menendez’s political allies.

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