Menendez Out Raises Kyrillos in Second Quarter Money Race

U. S. Senator Bob Menendez raised nearly $400 thousand more than his challenger, State Senator Joe Kyrillos did during the quarter that ended June 30th.   Menendez raised roughly $1.7 million to Kyrillos’ $1.3 million.  During the first quarter, Kyrillos out raised Menendez by $100 thousand.

Menendez has $10 million in cash to Kyrillos’ $2 million.

“I am grateful for the support of so many people for my campaign, which is about so much more than re-electing one person as Senator. It’s about the middle class of New Jersey and what matters most to all of us,” said Senator Menendez. “These resources are invaluable to me as I prepare for a long hard fight in the Senate race. Contributions from regular people who hold a tremendous stake in this election serve as a bulwark against the very real possibility of my opponent turning to corporations and billionaires to fund his campaign.”

The Kyrillos campaign said that the $3.1 million they have raised to date puts them in the top tier of U.S. Senate candidates, both incumbents and challengers, throughout the country.

“Bob Menendez has raised millions of dollars from special interests,” said Kyrillos Campaign Manager Chapin Fay. “Oil companies, banks and Wall Street are all kicking in big bucks. And like Jon Corzine did in 2009, Menendez will have more money in this race. But no amount of money can explain away Bob Menendez’s failed record on jobs and the economy. We are right on pace for Joe Kyrillos to have the resources necessary to get out his job growth message.”

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3 Comments on “Menendez Out Raises Kyrillos in Second Quarter Money Race”

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  2. Yawn said at 3:11 pm on July 13th, 2012:

    Joe who?

  3. Hey, said at 12:52 pm on October 24th, 2012:

    He did well for a challenger against this union-backed pol. hack, raising the most in his home county in many years. Just wish they had been more on the attack of the incumbent’s miserable record, and less vanilla,in their expensive ads. Anybody else who may think they could’ve done better is welcome to throw themselves into the next entrenched ring! Easy to dismiss all the efforts that were made in an admittedly lib state.