Christie’s “Condesending” Message

“I’ve never seen a less optimistic time, in my lifetime, in this courtry.  And people wonder why. I think it’s really simple.  It’s because government’s telling them stop dreaming, stop striving, we’ll take care of you.  We are turning into a paternalistic entitlement society…”

“….more importantly, there will be more money, more hope, more aspirations, in the hearts of our children and grandchildren than there are today.  And that’s what will make the 21st century the second American century.  That more than anything else, will allow the United States to export hope, and liberty and freedom around the world.  Not by just saying but by living it everyday in the way we conduct ourselves and in the way we govern ourselves.”

~Governor Chris Christie

Chris Christie believes that unrestrained by oppressive and “paternalistic” government, that ordinary people can and will live lives of accomplishment.

Tom Moran, that sanctimonious polyhistor responsible for The Star Ledger’s editorial page, thinks that makes Christie conceded.

The Asbury Park Press editorial board,  the Nudniks of Neptune who have fewer orginal thoughts that Joe Biden, agrees with Moran.

Christie made his remarks at a George W. Bush Presidential Center gathering in New York on Tuesday, April 10.  Moran posted his rant calling the governor’s message “condescending” early yesterday morning, the 12th.  The Nudniks followed yesterday evening calling Christie’s message “hectoring,” “insulting” and “condescending.”

The editorialists of New Jersey’s two largest news outlets must be appalled by Christie’s soaring popularity

It was the content of Christie’s remarks in between the two phrases I quoted above that got to the liberal regressive pundits.  Without naming the president, Christie had the audacity to point out that the Obama agenda has not resulted in hope, but in pessimism.  That if it continues we will be financially and morally bankrupt, waiting for the check to show up rather than striving for bigger checks.

Here’s what Christie said, unfiltered by the bias of Moran, the Nudniks or MMM:

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