APP Turns On Obama

By Art Gallagher

The newspaper formerly known as The Asbury Park Press (their print edition masthead now reads “THE PRESS”) has irrefutably revealed itself as a far left extremist publication.  In an editorial published on their website last evening, Obama caving in to GOP demands, the Neptune Nudniks have moved on to the left of the New York Times, the old Huffington Post, Daily Kos and Middletown Mike.

The Press called the President “weak,” “hardly a leader,” and said his speech Monday night was “too little, too late.” They said his speech “was not tough so much as it was petulance.”  As Dan Jacobson would say, hilarious, though hysterical would be more accurate.

“Left wing extreme, Art?” you might say, “that sounds like right wing rhetoric I might read on MoreMonmouthMusings.”  You’d be correct, except the nudniks are complaining that Obama “has alienated his base, gone back on what he held as rock-solid principles,” while drawing a “line in the sand” that is inside the Republican Tea Party right’s tent.  APP is now short for apparatchik.

The Press did get one important thing right in their rantitorial.  They correctly identified Obama’s reelection concerns and the only issue that is holding up a deal that would raise the debt ceiling, reduce the deficit and prevent a default.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, also not left enough for the apparatchiks, and Speaker John Boehner have already agreed on a plan that would raise the debt ceiling, reduce spending and not raise taxes.  Obama killed the deal because it only lasted for a year.  He doesn’t want to go through this again next summer only a few months before the Presidential election.

If Obama thought his economic policies and philosphy were popular with the American people, he would welcome having such a debate next year.  Instead, he’s willing to put the full faith and credit of the United States of America at risk rather than debate “redistribution of wealth”  and massive government expansion months before the American people decide whether or not to give him another four years. 

It is no accident that most of ObamaCare kicks in after the election.  This is more of the same.  Obama wants his lease on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave renewed before the American people realize what he has done to them.

The “Tea Party Republican” members of congress are controlling the debt ceiling debate because Obama is letting them control the debate.  If Reid and Obama agreed to Boehner’s proposal, Nancy Pelosi would deliver enough Democratic votes in the House to pass Boehner’s plan with moderate Republican support, thereby neutralizing the “Tea Party” Republicans who are uncompromising.

Obama would have to take a page out of Chris Christie’s book in order to make a deal like that.  And Christie says he’s not ready to be President.

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