Tom Moran Endorses Christie For President in 2011

By Art Gallagher

Since Governor Christie took office, The Star Ledger’s Editorial Page Editor Tom Moran has been constantly critical of Christie’s style.  It was Moran’s question about the Governor’s “confrontational tone” at a May 2010 press conference that lead to a “honest and refreshing” Christie becoming a YouTube phenomena and now a national media star.


Now Moran wants President Obama to be more like Christie.

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One Comment on “Tom Moran Endorses Christie For President in 2011”

  1. Since when said at 8:31 pm on August 3rd, 2011:

    should any of us give credence to anything anybody the Ledger says??.. that’s a scary one, right there.. best line of the County Fair GOP booth by one of our volunteers was: when an old-time GOP convert to Dem, from an unnamed, small Bayshore town, visited our booth on Wednesday night with the lady running against the incumbent GOP mayor this year, they were looking for the Dem’s booth, so she could stand there and give out palmcards.. our A-one volunteer, smiling and slapping the gnats all night ,brightly: “you don’t have a booth, but you can go right over there, they’ll probably be ok with that..”.. and was pointing to the Star Ledger’s booth across the way, we all had the best laugh of the night!!!