ICYMI: The LaRossa and Gallagher: Real Jersey Guys On The Radio

We had two outstanding guests of the LaRossa and Gallagher: Real Jersey Guys On the Radio Show this week.  If you missed it or want to listen again, here's a recording of the show:

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During the first half hour Assemblywoman Amy Handlin (R-13)discussed the good work she is doing to bring good government to New Jersey.  Handlin shared her anti-corruption legislation, her new legislation to prevent fraud and abuse in the unemployment insurance system, and the Right to Work legislation she is co-sponsoring with Assemblyman Declan O'Scanlon.

We ran out of time before Handlin could get into detail about the devastating impact ObamaCare will have on New Jersey residents.  Handlin is one of the few people who has actually read the entire ObamaCare bill and understands the intrusive nature of the legislation we will experience if it is not repealed.  We will have Handlinback to get into ObamaCare.

I have heard many Republicans gripe about Patrick Murray's work over the last year or so.  Governor Christie once said on NJ 101.5's Ask the Governor that Murray "should go back to polling school" over a poll in which Murray reported the opinions of New Jersey residents rather than just registered voters.

Yet increasingly over the last several months Murray, the Director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute, is the go to guy for local and national media outlets looking for expert commentary about New Jersey.

Murray characterises himself as "an independent observer reading the tea leaves" of the New Jersey electorate.

New Jersey Republicans are going to like what Murray sees in the tea(not necessarily tea party)leaves.

Regarding President Obama, when asked if Obama is becoming another Jimmy Carter, Murray said, "that's exactly what it looks like. The guy takes and backseat and doesn't inject himself as a leader."  "He doesn't understand that the presidency is about the symbolic leadership of the country. The public doesn't get that impression of President Obama."

Murray said that Senator Robert Menendez's reelection chances are tied to Obama's coat tails.  While recent polls show Obama OK in New Jersey, none have been taken since the recent debt/deficit deal in Washington and that it is a real possibility that Obama could lose New Jersey next year.  "There is potential for a whole new ball game" in New Jersey. "Obama is not winning people over."

Murray said that Frank Pallone and Rush Holt vote in Congress "however they want to" without regard to the ideological preferences of their constituents because they have been completely protected by the way their districts are drawn. That may change with redistricting.

Murray had good things to say about Governor Christie too.

Listen to the show.




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7 Comments on “ICYMI: The LaRossa and Gallagher: Real Jersey Guys On The Radio”

  1. Curious said at 7:43 am on August 4th, 2011:

    Did anyone call in to question the guests?

  2. VPJerseyShore said at 10:07 am on August 4th, 2011:

    Sorry I missed the show, gents. Many Mainstream Tea Party men and women were at (2) New Jersey locations routing and outnumbering (5 to1 at both sites) the feeble protests of MoveON in front of congressman Runyan’s offices. Despite the fact MoveOn was providing lunch to their attendee’s their turnout was dismal. I spoke to one of their protestors who didn’t originally know why she was even there. I was emboldened seeing that this is our enemy: Bought and paid for, mis-informed and lackluster.

  3. Jim McMahon said at 3:54 pm on August 4th, 2011:

    Art, the next time you have a member of the NJ Legislature on the show, please ask them these questions:

    Senator/Assemblywoman ____, my US passport is valid for 10 years. Why can’t my New Jersey drivers license also be valid for 10 years as well? Other states (e.g., Georgia) issue drivers licenses that are valid for 10 years. Why do I have renew my NJ drivers license every 4 years?

    Thanks, Art. Hopefully your blog site will get the law changed and I can avoid going to the NJ MVC every four years.

  4. Seriously? said at 11:20 pm on August 4th, 2011:

    Seriously, Jim?

    That’s the best you can do? You give everybody a hard ass time, and the best you can do for Queen RINO is “why is my NJ DL only good for four years”?


    No wonder Monmouth Couny GOP puts up shitty candidates .

  5. Jim McMahon said at 7:09 pm on August 5th, 2011:

    The “best [that] I could do,” Seriously?

    Not at all. I never suggested for a moment that every — or even any — punch that I throw is my best shot. I don’t know anyone with any competitive streak in them that would admit as much or would even suggest as much. (Let me qualify that: Mike Halfacre is quick to surrender. Mike Halfacfre, unlike most men, is a pussy. Scott Sipprelle will tell you as much.)

    As any street fighter will be quick to tell you — sometimes you jab & sometimes you duck; sometimes you go for the knock out; sometimes you do all that you can just to make it to the next round. Sometimes you just try to hurt the guy you are fighting; sometimes you do all that you can do just to be able to say “I didn’t throw in the towel.” The important thing is that you don’t quit. I didn’t quit; I won’t quit. It really is that simple.

    The question (above) to Handlin was a jab. It was also a gift to Art Gallagher. Art is the next Larry King. Art is more interested in having his guests (RHINOs) love him than he is interested in asking them tough or even difficult questions. (Tough to fill an hour when you aren’t willing to challlenge your guests.) Incidentally, the driver’s license (softball) question is a question that any interviewer/journalist (Art) could ask. It isn’t a particularly partisan question, but it is nonetheless a valid question. Any legislator that sponsors legislation that makes my drivers license valid for 10 years instead of 4 years is a taxpayers friend. It is that simple. Again, the drivers license question was a sofball question. It was a gift to a friend.

    One other thing — I am not at all a fan of the Monmouth County Republican party and/or the RHINOs that they often nominate to run for office. If anything, I am often critical, on this blog site & elsewhere, of the Monmouth County GOP’s nominees. Case in point: On this very blog site, and less than a few days ago, I wrote a post that began with the words “Amy Handlin is full of shit.” It is a shame that you missed as much.

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