Amy Handlin And Patrick Murray Will Be Guests Of LaRossa And Gallagher: Real Jersey Guys On The Radio

amy-handlinAssemblywoman Amy Handlin (R-13) will be the first guest tomorrow at 5PM on the LaRossa And Gallagher: Real Jersey Guys On The Radio Show on WIFIAM1460 on your radio dial and here on the Internet.

The show is sponsored by Repatriot Radio.

Handlin and her 13th district Assembly running mate Declan O’Scanlon are sponsors of the New Jersey “Right to Work Act” which prohibits payroll deductions for union dues and makes union membership voluntary.

In a May 31 OpEd piece, Handlin wrote, in part:

Imagine getting your dream job that pays well, offers generous benefits and is located a few miles from your home.

But there’s a condition: You must pay Harold Camping $75 every month to help spread the word about his next Doomsday prediction.

That’s probably not a problem for those who believed Judgment Day was May 21 and are now convinced it’s coming Oct. 21, but most would object to an employer telling us what we should believe and how we should spend our money.

In America, people are free to believe whatever they want and support their beliefs however they choose.

In New Jersey, and many other states, however, workers are forced to join unions and fund their political priorities, regardless of their wishes.

I support workers’ right to organize, but that should be a personal choice. Those who agree withtheir union representatives have every right to join, but others should have the freedom to work without subsidizing and endorsing a group they disagree with.

Just last week Handlin announced that she is drafting legislation to prohibit voluntary retirees who are collecting a pension from simultaneously collecting unemployment benefits.

Tune in for what promises to be an informative half hour. Those who have questioned Handlin’s conservative ethos should especially call in and learn something.  

Call in with questions and comments to 609-447-0237.

patrickmurrayPatrick Murray, the founding director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute will be our guest for the second half hour of the show.  Murray’s media profile has risen in recent months as increasingly he has become a “go to” expert for both local and national new outlets for commentary on New Jersey government and politics.  We are pleased to have him on the show.

When Murray asked what I want to talk about I said, “whatever is current. We can talk about how the debt ceiling dealings in Washington will impact New Jersey politics, we can talk about Congressional Redistricting, and the upcoming legislative races.”  We’re not limited to those topics, and as always, your calls are welcome and encouraged.

Listen live between 5PM and 6PM here and call in to 609-447-0237.

If you miss the show, a recording will be posted here on MMM, hopefully by 9PM.

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7 Comments on “Amy Handlin And Patrick Murray Will Be Guests Of LaRossa And Gallagher: Real Jersey Guys On The Radio”

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  2. Jim McMahon said at 8:03 am on August 2nd, 2011:

    Amy Handlin is full of shit. She has no respect for the personal choices that others make. Handlin certainly isn’t hesitant to force others to do what she want them to do, their personal beliefs notwithstanding.

    Case in point: In the Assembly, Amy Handlin voted in favor a bill that forces New Jersey pharmacists to fill prescriptions for drugs that induce abortion. This bill, now a law, makes no exception for the deeply-held moral & religious views of the pharmacist who receives that prescription. Before this law went into effect, pharmacists that opposed abortion were able to refer a customer with such a prescripton to another pharmacist and do so without fear of losing their license. Thanks to liberals like Amy Handlin, if a pro-life pharmacist in NJ refuses to fill a prescription for a drug that induces an abortion, she does so at considerable risk of having the state take away her license to be a pharmacist.

    Tell me again, Amy Handlin, that you feel bad about forcing people to do things that violate their personal beliefs. You are a hypocrite.

    New Jersey Forces Pharmacists to Dispense Abortifacient Drugs Regardless of Conscience

  3. brian said at 12:22 pm on August 2nd, 2011:

    Helene Henkel for Assembly………

  4. CommonSense said at 2:15 pm on August 2nd, 2011:

    Helene Henkel has NO chance.

    AND a little hypocritical when the TEA Party went up in arms when Lisa Murkowski in Alaska did essentially the same thing this Tea Party member is doing now. You had your option to primary them, chose not to, had the option to file as an independent, chose not to. To do this is childish and frankly a waste of a lot of people’s time.

    Hate to break it to everyone, New Jersey is never going to be a state like Texas or Mississippi where there are real hardcore true conservatives. Its a waste of time trying to change it!

  5. MoreMonmouthMusings » Blog Archive » Don’t Miss The Show said at 4:35 pm on August 2nd, 2011:

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  6. Bob English said at 4:47 pm on August 2nd, 2011:

    Assemblywoman Hanlin’s comparing union membership to being forced to support Harold Camping is totally absurd.

    If workers vote to have a union and that union is the bargaining agent for those workers, all workers are than required to contribute (dues) for that work and other representation (in disputes ect.) since that union represents ALL of the workers in that bargaining unit.

  7. Nice to know said at 8:46 pm on August 3rd, 2011:

    the Professor’s trying to show she’s pretending to pay attention, when her other part-time job’s on the line, again.. you go, girl, while it lasts…