Handlin Addressing Unemployment Insurance Abuse By Public Retirees

By Art Gallagher

Assemblywoman Amy Handlin (R-13) announced this morning that she is proposing legislation that would prohibit public employees who voluntarily retire and collect a pension from receiving unemployment benefits.

Handlin made the announcement on her facebook page.

MMM reported this abuse last Friday and encouraged our readers in the legislature, administration and media to do something about it.   Handlin is to be commended for taking up the challenge.

Send her a thank you by “liking” her page and leaving a comment.

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13 Comments on “Handlin Addressing Unemployment Insurance Abuse By Public Retirees”

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  2. Francis Marion said at 11:00 pm on July 27th, 2011:

    Wow, Amy Handlin jumping in late, as usual.

    Just like Bid Rig went on beneath her nose, another BS taxpayer ripoff has been pointed out to her and now she acts.

    How she gets away with her sterling reputation while being a total non-entity is beyond most of the GOP.

    But, nobody else has stepped up on this BS after a week, so some, minimal credit is reluctantly due .

  3. this is the year, folks, said at 11:18 pm on July 27th, 2011:

    that they’re all nervous enough about finding their way around unfamiliar towns and settling into their new, re-districted fiefdoms, to get anything of interest/concern addressed..I encourage everyone, (once you find where you actually are ,now, in the scheme of these great new districts), to call up your “nervous nellies”, lay out what’s been ticking you off most, and how you’d like them to really pay attention to you for your vote, take a stand on the issues, and address them for you, pronto!..this time, next year, they’ll all likely be re-elected, and back in “comfort-zone” mode, it’ll be Pres.-madness time, and not a blasted NJ thing will be addressed,done, or fixed!-so,” Carpe Diem”, y’all!..

  4. Hey Francis Marion said at 9:52 am on July 28th, 2011:

    At least she acted “late.” We have others that are still clueless regarding the fraud at the Parks Department, Sheriff’s Department, and Brookdale College. With the exceptions of course of Curly and Mallet.

  5. TR said at 11:00 am on July 28th, 2011:

    Thats right smack them when they do the right thing. That will encourage them to keep up the good work.

    Some people don’t have the sense God gave a jackass.

    I applaud Amy’s action on this travesty.

  6. TheDigger said at 11:02 am on July 28th, 2011:

    What you complainers ignore is the fact that she has acted. Where are all the other legislators? Where is Jen Beck?

  7. ArtGallagher said at 11:07 am on July 28th, 2011:

    Amy didn’t act “late.”
    I reported the story on late in the day on Friday. She announced that she’s having legislation drafted to address the problem on Weds morning.

    That’s warp speed.

    She announced legislation to address the problem before I placed a follow up call to the Department of Labor.

    One story on a blog is the only public mention of this abuse. No other media outlet that I know of did anything with it.

    In two business days Handlin verified the story and came up with a plan.

    Stop whining.

    Thanks Amy!

  8. Jim Sage said at 12:10 pm on July 28th, 2011:

    Thanks Art for the update regarding Amy. I look forward to her representing her new district with Marlboro a part of it. Her acting on this in an expeditious manner is nice to hear.

    As “TheDigger” questions, where is Jen Beck??

    I’ll tell you: she is on a publicity tour of her newly configured district. She has a lot of damage control with the new communities within in her district, compromising large populations of the gay and lesbian community, who for years wanted their civil rights in the form of marriage equality.

    When it comes to corruption in her district– especially among government employees– she is like the three monkeys: hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

    Remember she wrote in a letter to the Transcript the investigation is over regarding the Sheriff’s Department–Again, I reiterate, that was a lie.

    Ask Shaun Golden what the status of the investigation is…he knows.

    Jennifer Beck: Get the Beck out of here!!

  9. going to destroy another election? said at 1:36 pm on July 28th, 2011:

    Hey Jim, didn’t you lead a faction in Trenton several months ago with the healthcare bill??? Didn’t you interfere with Caroline Casagrande’s bill permitting people to own large weapons? didn’t you destroy Mayor Kleinbergs chances of re-election? Didn’t you side with the rebel republicans in Manalapan??

    I’m getting tired of going to meetings and someone says ‘what will sage think? Now your behind the scenes activities are destroying Beck because she wouldn’t look into corruption allegations.

    Give her a break, she doesn’t represent your district anymore.

  10. Monmouth Girl said at 3:40 pm on July 28th, 2011:

    You are right Francis – the only two Democrats on the Freeholder Board (John Curley and Amy Mallet) have really been all over these issues!

  11. Proud Republican said at 10:49 pm on July 28th, 2011:

    Amy Handlin deserves all the credit in the world for moving so quickly. This is what we want from our elected officials – to see a problem and take action to fix it. Francis Marion – your post is pathetic and is representative of someone who hasn’t accomplished a thing in life, so all that is left is to try and tear down the fine efforts of others.

  12. commonSense said at 11:11 pm on July 28th, 2011:

    At least Monmouth Girl got it right, someone finally calling out Curley for what he really is. He doesn’t care about the people. He is a populist and opportunist. He will tell a Yankee fan that’s his favorite team and 2 minutes later, see a Mets fan and tell him the same thing.

    And you people give Amy Mallet WAY TOO much credit. We’re lucky she knows she sits on the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders.

    She has had many businesses that failed. She bashes the parks system, yet made sure she was front and center at the opening ceremony of the the County Fair. The woman is an empty suit. Believe me, Monmouth County will be MUCH better off without Mallet. She only jumps on Curley’s stuff because, like him, she just wants to see her name in the paper.

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