Bruce Jenner is a conservative Republican, Christian woman

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Broken Promises

By Ernesto Cullari

Ernesto_Cullari_GDA1If Republican Congressmen Chris Smith and Tom MacArthur vote for John Boehner (R-Ohio) to be the Speaker of the 114th Congress then they will both be breaking two foundational campaign promises: the first to defeat Obamacare and the second to end Obama’s policy of Executive Amnesty for Illegal Aliens. If they break either campaign promise both are certain face a mutiny at home by voters in two years.

On the issues of Amnesty and Obamacare, Speaker John Boehner has given Obama’s policies the Congressional stamp of approval. In the $1.1 trillion dollar spending bill that Boehner fought for and passed in December 2014, there were provisions that provided short term funding of Obama’s amnesty program.

Prior to the Republican Congress’s financial support, Obama was on shaky legal ground; however by providing funding for Executive Amnesty Boehner breathed new life into Obama’s strategy. The U.S. Supreme Court in Youngstown, a case dealing with the executive seizure of private property in the absence of congressional approval, established that, “Presidential authority is strongest when acting with the expressed or implied consent of Congress.” Through Boehner Congress has shown consent.

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Conservative Republicans Resist Boehner’s Plan to Avoid Budget Fight

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, holds a news conference in Washington September 9, 2014. Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, holds a news conference in Washington September 9, 2014. Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Conservative Republicans on Wednesday resisted a plan to avert a budget fight over President Barack Obama’s immigration order, raising the likelihood that the spending struggle in Congress could last right up to the Dec. 11 deadline for a government shutdown. Tea Party lawmakers stood firm against House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner’s plan… Read the rest of this entry »

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Long Branch Mayor Adam Schneider To Endorse Christie

adam SchneiderLong Branch Mayor Adam Schneider is the second Monmouth County Democratic mayor to publicly declare support for Republican Governor Chris Christie’s reelection.

Schneider told The Star Ledger that he will formally endorse Christie on Monday.

“He understands New Jersey and there’s no doubt in my mind is right now the last thing we need to do is reinvent the wheel,” Schneider said.

Sea Bright’s Democratic Mayor Dina Long endorsed the Governor in February.   Schneider said he decided to support Christie in January when the governor criticized House Speaker John Boehner for holding up the Superstorm Sandy recovery funds.

Long and Schneider are among a long and growing list of Democrats who are supporting Christie over the Democratic nominee, State Senator Barbara Buono.  Earlier this week State Senator Brian Stack of Hudson County and Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo formally endorsed Christie.

Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal issued the following statement about Schneider endorsing Christie:

“Adam Schenider is the Mayor of a nonpartisan town. He has endorsed numerous Republicans and Democrats in the past – as recently as 2011 when he endorsed a Republican Assemblywoman. As the mayor of a town which has nonpartisan form of governing, Mayor Schneider has said numerous times that he is not involved in either of the two major political parties in the county. Congressman Frank Pallone, the Democratic Municipal Chairman in Long Branch and his Democratic municipal committee is aggressively supporting Senator Barbara Buono’s campaign for Governor. Senator Buono opposed the cuts in UEZ funding in Governor Christie’s budget and she will also support an increase in the minimum wage – two issues which are important to Long Branch. I am confident that Long Branch residents will overwhelmingly support Senator Buono in November”


When Long endorsed Christie, Gopal issued a statement promising political retribution against the Sea Bright mayor, prompting Christie to say that “Vin represents the politics of yesterday.”

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Local New York & New Jersey Lawmakers Issue Joint Appeal For Immediate Hurricane Sandy Relief

Ramapo Supervisor & Oceanport Council President Express Outrage

Suffern, N.Y. – Town of Ramapo Supervisor Christopher P. St. Lawrence (Democrat) and Joseph Irace, Council President – Borough of Oceanport, N.J. (Republican), have issued a joint statement expressing their outrage at the House of Representatives’ failure to pass the $60.4 Billion Aid Package to provide immediate help for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

“While House Speaker Boehner fiddles, thousands of New York and New Jersey residents’ anger burns, and their suffering continues as they feel abandoned by their elected officials said Supervisor St. Lawrence.  The House of Representatives, the so-called people’s house, has turned its back on the American people” he added.

“As a Republican elected official in New Jersey, I cannot fathom the insensitivity of the House of Representatives by not taking action on the Sandy Aid Package.  Disaster relief is not a political issue.  We have residents still displaced from their homes and in need of help and yesterday’s actions by The House of Representatives are inexcusable and unconscionable.  I, along with Ramapo Supervisor St. Lawrence, am asking the House to act on this desperately needed aid package immediately” stated Council President Irace.

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Congressman Smith: Boehner assured the NJ delegation that Sandy Relief Votes will take place in January

Congressman Chris Smith told MMM that at a meeting held with Speaker John Boehner this afternoon the Speaker promised that action will be taken in January by the House of Representatives on the $60 billion Sandy Relief package that Boehner stopped the House from voting on last night causing a uproar within the Republican Party.

Smith said that Boehner promised that $9.7 billion to restore FEMA reserves will be up for a vote on this Friday, January 4th and that the rest of the $60 billion package will be on the House’s schedule, in two parts, $16.3 billion and $33 billion, on January 15th.

Smith spoke on the House floor late on Tuesday night to implore Boehner to schedule the vote.


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Christie: Failure to pass Sandy relief rests with House Majority and Speaker Boehner

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It’s time for Boehner to go

House Speaker John Boehner was more effective with tears.

Our nation never should have gotten into the “fiscal cliff” mess.  We got there in large measure because Boehner couldn’t control his temper and would not return President Obama’s phone calls after a White House meeting in July of 2011.  Boehner said Obama “moved the goal post” after he thought a deal was done. Obama said that there were $1.65 trillion in spending cuts in the deal that Boehner walked from.  The “fiscal cliff” deal that passed yesterday raised $650 billion in revenue and reduced spending by $15 billion.  Our economy would have been better off if Boehner had been able to control his temper in July of 2011.

Politico reports that Boehner told Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid “to go fuck himself” on Friday as the two leaders of the House and Senate were entering the White House to negotiate.  Congressman Frank LoBiondo(R-NJ-2) told PolitickerNJ that Boehner shouted at him yesterday when he asked the Speaker about the delay in the Sandy Relief Bill voting.  Congressman Peter King (R-NY) went on FoxNews this morning to declare his independence from the Republican Party and urge donors to withhold donations to the GOP.  Governor Chris Christie called Boehner’s lack of action on the Sandy Bill “petty politics,” “disgusting,” and “duplicitous.”

John Boehner has demonstrated that he does not have the temperament nor skill to be a leader of the House of Representatives or the highest ranking Republican elected official in the nation.

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Governor Christie Press Conference at 2PM

Governor Chris Christie has added a press conference at 2PM to his schedule today.

Changes are Christie will have some colorful things to say about the Republican leadership of the House of Representatives who, in a last minute reversal, declined to allow the House to vote on the $60 billion Hurricane Sandy relief package yesterday.

The press conference will can be viewed live here:

Watch live streaming video from governorchrischristie at livestream.com
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Sandy Relief Bill Pulled From House Agenda

The bill that passed the U.S. Senate on Friday that would provide $60 billion to rebuild New Jersey, New York and Connecticut from the effects of Superstorm Sandy and $400 million in projects unrelated to Sandy has stalled in the House of Representatives, according to reports on Politico and NorthJersey.com.

The House has split the relief measure into two parts; a $27 billion first installment to fund immediate recovery needs over the next three months and a $33 billion amendment to that installment bill.  The amendment would fund strip away the $400 million in non-Sandy pork.

House Speaker John Boehner pulled the measures from the voting schedule prior to the “fiscal cliff” vote last night.  If the House does not act before noon on Thursday any federal help for Sandy recovery will have to be taken up by the new Congress.

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