Best Weiner Headline Award Goes to Paul Mulshine:

With that mug, no wonder he’s showing pictures of his crotch

While Mulshine’s headline is clever and funny, the rest of his blog post is weird, sexist, and homophobic:

And another aspect of this that should tick off any red-blooded male out there. Note in the video below a photo of Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, from Vogue magazine back when she was an aide to Hillary Clinton.

Seriously, guys, answer this: Would a dweeb like Anthony Weiner have the slightest chance with a babe like that if he weren’t a congressman?

Just asking.

The video Mulshine posted is a three year old gossip piece from the controversial blog lukeford.net that implies that Weiner’s wife is in a lesbian relationship with Hillary Clinton.

Mulshine’s use of that video raises several questions besides the obvious one:

1) Should Mulshine and his “red blooded” male readers be jealous of Weiner or Clinton?

2) Would Hillary Clinton have a chance with a woman like Abedin if she was not Hillary Clinton?

3) Would the mainstream media (Mulshine) and the new media (Ford) be speculating over Huma Adedin and Hillary Clinton if Adedin didn’t look the way she does?    Quick…name the assistant of another first lady or Secretary of State.

4) Did Mulshine view the entire video before he posted it on nj.com?  Did he check the source?

5) How much longer will Mulshine have unedited access to post on nj.com?

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