Mulshine: It’s Guadagno’s fault if his cat poops on the rug

By Art Gallagher

Paul Mulshine says he will blame Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno if his cat poops on the rug.  Really, he said that.

Mulshine’s cat usually poops outdoors, but the usual spot, probably on a neighbor’s property, is snow covered and the pussy won’t go where it usually goes.  Mulshine wasn’t prepared for the storm.  He couldn’t navigate the snow covered roads to get kitty litter so his pussy would have a warm place to do it.

Guadagno is at fault because she’s on vacation out of state at the same time Governor Christie is out of state, leaving Senate President Steve Sweeney in charge as Acting Governor.

Mulshine speculates that Guadagno vacationing at the same time as Christie could be the end of her political career.  He quotes Rick Shaftan as saying that “nothing will screw up your poll numbers more than snow.”  Shaftan, who is famous for talking to Mulshine and for running Steve Lonegan’s 2009 gubernatorial primary, noted that former New York Mayor John Lindsay lost the 1969 GOP primary due to mishandling a snow storm.  Lindsay was reelected on a third party line. 

If Shaftan, Lonegan, Mulshine and the ideologues were in charge of the NJ GOP, like they want to be, a third party candidate could get elected in New Jersey too.

Mulshine and Shaftan speculate that Guadagno wants the GOP nomination to run against U.S. Senator Bob Menendez in 2012.  Yet another example of ideologues who can’t count. 

If the NJ GOP mounts a top tier talent challenge to Menendez in 2012 we’re in deep trouble as a nation.  Barack Obama will be on the top of the Democratic ticket in 2012.  The only way a Republican is going to win a state wide race in 2012 is if Obama is unelectable in New Jersey.  If that is the political environment in 2012 the economy will be in worse shape than it is now.  Obama’s poll numbers are over 50% in NJ now, as bad as things are.

Mulshine and Shaftan have a strange bedfellow in windbag Senator Ray Lesniak who called in from Florida to criticise Guadagno and Christie for leaving Sweeney in charge of cleaning up the snow.

Sweeney assured Christie he wouldn’t create mischief while keeping the Governor’s seat warm.  If Christie didn’t trust Sweeney to keep his word, other arrangements would have been made.  If Sweeney breaks his word, other arrangements will be made in the future.  

The constitutional purpose of the Lt. Governor’s office is to prevent one person from controlling two-thirds of the state government, as was the case when Dick Codey was Governor and Senate President after Jim McGreevey’s resignation and when Don DiFrancesco held both offices after Christine Whitman’s resignation.  The current banter is nonsense.

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9 Comments on “Mulshine: It’s Guadagno’s fault if his cat poops on the rug”

  1. Rick Shaftan said at 12:00 pm on December 28th, 2010:

    Well what the discussion’s focus wasn’t the downside, but the upside of any politician who gives up the opportunity to be in charge during a crisis. Considering the Lt. Gov. has floated her name around DC as a potential 2012 U.S. Senate candidate, one would think she would use this opportunity to give people a positive impression of who she is, which these turn of events certainly did not do. Voters do not expect their leaders to be on vacation during a crisis. Whether that’s fair or unfair is irrelevant. It’s the price of public office.

  2. Schedulers?? said at 12:44 pm on December 28th, 2010:

    ..are important, have wondered at times, since they took office, if they have with-it staffers who really talk to/coordinate with one another, and that goes for talking to their political supporters who got them there, and who want to still feel a part of things, and want to see them- (talking especially Monmouth and Ocean, who did the best for them)..this is besides their official functions and duties..who the heck needs that union boss Sweeney in-charge, crisis or not: this only gave him more facetime and significance..people deserve va-cas, but do consider it bad planning, all-around.. as for Senate, she’s the luckiest lady in NJ politics, right place, right time so far, so go for it, guess she can retain Lt. Gov.,if it doesn’t work out.. haven’t seen the details on succession or replacement, since she’s the first one in the job we voted to establish.. anyone know?..

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  4. Jim said at 3:06 pm on December 28th, 2010:

    I don’t it is too much to ask the Lt. Governor to be in the state when Governor is going to be out of the state. Guadagno should be ashamed of herself for not being here.

  5. Lincroft said at 3:23 pm on December 28th, 2010:

    Are we forgetting that the Lt. Gov is also a wife and mother. And I think the amount of time she has spent assisting the Gov to fix this state, she is well deserved of a vacation over the holidays with her family. And keep in mind, she is not from NJ like the Gov is. That’s why we have people in line ahead of time before top people in the Executive branch leave. Stop complaining people!

  6. MLaffey said at 3:54 pm on December 28th, 2010:

    By this August everyone will forget there street was nor plowed this week. By 2012 they won’t even remember it snowed.

  7. Corinda said at 4:50 pm on December 28th, 2010:

    We haven’t seen a plow since the storm began! No one is even answering the phone! With the taxes we pay [or some of us pay] there shouldn’t be a flake on the street.
    I feel like Laura Engles. God forbid somebody needs emergency assistance. It’s a disgrace.

  8. Joe said at 9:58 pm on December 28th, 2010:

    Perhaps Mulshine, Shaftan, etc. ought to actually read the Constitutional amendment as approved in 2005 that created the position of Lt. Governor to understand the reason that the position was created: In the event of a vacancy in the office of Governor resulting from the death, resignation or removal of a Governor in office, or the death of a Governor-elect, or from any other cause, the Lieutenant Governor shall become Governor, until a new Governor is elected and qualifies.

    In the event of simultaneous vacancies in both the offices of Governor and Lieutenant Governor resulting from any cause, the President of the Senate shall become Governor until a new Governor or Lieutenant Governor is elected and qualifies. In the event that there is a vacancy in the office of Senate President, or the Senate President declines to become Governor, then the Speaker of the General Assembly shall become Governor until a new Governor or Lieutenant Governor is elected and qualifies. In the event that there is a vacancy in the office of Speaker of the General Assembly, or if the Speaker declines to become Governor, then the functions, powers, duties and emoluments of the office shall devolve for the time being upon such officers and in the order of succession as may be provided by law, until a new Governor or Lieutenant Governor is elected and qualifies. (Article V, Section I, paragraph 6)

    As stated above, this position was created solely to avoid situations like we had when Whitman and McGreevey resigned, leaving one person to lead two branches of state government.

    Furthermore, Guadagno serves on teh Governor’s cabinet as the Secretary of State, so she’s not even costing taxpayers one extra nickle.

    Honestly, some of you get your knickers all in a bunch for no reason. Christie won the GOP primary 18 months ago, some people need to accept it and move on.

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