Olivia Nuzzi’s first 15 minutes

Highlands-20130730-00038Highlands-20130730-00039I knew this woman was going places.

Former MMM columnist Oliva Nuzzi is on the front page of the New York Daily News today.

“Oh no, what did she do?” said both Dan Jacobson, who stole her away from MMM for $50 bucks, and Vin Gopal, for whom she had her first political internship in 2011, when I asked them if they’d seen it.

Nothing bad at all!  Actually its great for Olivia!  The Daily News saw her piece on NSFW about Anthony Weiner calling her “Monica” when she was his intern and paid her to write an article for them.

Olivia is smarter, funnier and better looking than most TV news personalities and pundits of any ideology or gender.   The Middletown native, now a junior at Fordham, has a lot more than 15 minutes of fame in her future.

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6 Comments on “Olivia Nuzzi’s first 15 minutes”

  1. Tommy De Seno said at 12:02 pm on July 30th, 2013:

    I make two predictions:

    1. Olivia Nuzzi will be a media star.

    2. Dan Jacobson will take full credit.

  2. Dan Jacobson said at 2:52 pm on July 30th, 2013:

    I take full credit.

  3. TR said at 5:16 pm on July 30th, 2013:


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