The Difference Between Democrats And Republicans

That’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats latch onto any way to gain power and force their agenda through, like Obamacare. Republicans waste their time over purity of thought and have circular firing squads.

The only reason Republicans get power is because the Democrats screw things up so badly that the voters force a change. Then the Republicans turn on each other and the Democrats are back again like a herpes outbreak.

~Joe, a commenter on Paul Mulshine’s circular firing squad.

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5 Comments on “The Difference Between Democrats And Republicans”

  1. Had Enough said at 12:07 pm on September 5th, 2011:

    As Colonel Potter on M*A*S*H would say, “Give that man a cheroot”.

    Joe has it figured out.

  2. Proud Republican said at 3:25 pm on September 5th, 2011:

    Someone should show that to the Tea Party. They comprise most of the circle.

  3. Anonymous said at 6:58 pm on September 5th, 2011:

    amen to that.

  4. how about said at 8:57 pm on September 5th, 2011:

    we all focus on the main difference, that is, the Dems want MORE regulation,confiscation, and control over our lives, and even MORE of our money to give to those who don’t/won’t work, and the R’s are the grownups, flawed as they may be, who have to come in after ruination, and fix it up for a short time, then the cycle of easy promises and hard knocks begins, yet again.. except, THIS time, please understand the urgency here,if we don’t all get our act together, the country will absolutely never be the same again, and survive 4 more years of this concerted effort to “fundamentally change” the USA, read: make us into the same old washed up, broke,failed, and weak, European socialist model we see crashing down, every day!.. and, by the way, if not for the TEA party, that is: TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY, we’d already have Nobamcare in full force, the illegals voting and taking everything else they don’t already have, and we’d likely be celebrating/commemorating the 9-11 10th anniv. with yet another attack!.. these people MUST be defeated, by everyone else who ISN’T them!!!..so, get down to business and beat the bums, please!

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