Waiting to exhale


The turnout is said to be great throughout Monmouth and Middlesex Counties.   What does that mean?

One senior Monmouth Democrat told me they were expected a blood bath in local races, but that Pallone and Holt would still win by a couple of points.

Gerry Scharfenberger told me the turnout is very strong in Middletown and that it appears to be 2-1 R.

The turnout in Highlands is high, both R’s and D’s are out.  Pallone had a nasty piece arrive in the mail yesterday.  Is that bringing the D’s out?

Middlesex County Republcian candidates are posting on facebook that the turnout is strong and steady.  They seem to feel good about it.

Frank Pallone tweeted that SEIU health care workers are canvassing for him. I have visions of seniors being dragged from their nursing home beds for one last vote before they move on the heaven or Chicago.

Rebecca Williams, a “New” Democrat running for council in Plainfield, told me the turnout was “pretty good.” Darn!  She told Poltickernj it was light this morning.  It is not snowing in Plainfield.

I’m so nervous that I incorrectly made a credit card payment on the web for $4000 when I meant to pay $400.  I called the company and thankfully didn’t have to push 1 to speak to an English speaking person in Bombay.  Angela, the nice lady in Florida, where it is cloudy and raining, calmly listened to me while I solved the problem myself on the website.  I told her that talking to her was better than Xanax.   That made her day.  Then I told her to vote for Marco and she rushed me off the phone, “we’re not allowed to talk about that.”  I’ve never taken Xanax.  Is it any good?

Toni Angelini told me, via facebook, to have a drink.  I told her I was affraid of doing something (or writing something) stupid.  I think I just did that anyway.

I can’t wait for this to be over.

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2 Comments on “Waiting to exhale”

  1. MLaffey said at 6:11 pm on November 2nd, 2010:

    Relax, pretty good in plainfield will not be good enough. That sounds mediocre they need better then that.

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