Patrick Murray on a Little victory over Pallone: “it could well happen”

Media Buzz Helps Little in Final Days Of Campaign

By Art Gallagher

Patrick Murray, director Monmouth University Polling Institute told the Wall Street Journal that Anna Little’s election to Congress from New Jersey’s 6th district “could well happen” in a piece published online today.

In New Jersey, 11-term Democratic Rep. Frank Pallone has seen his lead over the Republican tea-party favorite Anna Little narrow rapidly as undecided independents have broken in Ms. Little’s favor.

“If Little wins, it will represent a complete annihilation of the Democrats in this race, and it could well happen,” says Patrick Murray, who directs the state’s Monmouth University Polling Institute. Across the state, he said, “independents are going for Republicans more than I’ve ever seen before.”

Murray produced two widely quoted polls on the NJ-6 race earlier this month.  The first had Frank Pallone leading Little by 12%, the second by 7%.

As the campaign moves into its final days, the Little’s grassroots fueled campaign is has caught the media’s attention. WNBC and MSNBC covered the race this week.  Peggy Noonan featured Little in her widely read WSJ column earlier this week. Noonan’s weekly WSJ column is usually reprinted in the NY Post on Sunday. News12 hosted a debate, a “conversation” they called it, between the candidates last evening which will be rebroadcast tonight and tomorrow night at 8.

Notable exceptions to the media coverage of the NJ-6 race are the New Jersey daily newspapers and their websites.   CNN’s website is relying on this blog, Poltickernj and Blue Jersey for its local election news in both the 6th and the 12th districts due to the dearth of coverage from APP.com, MyCentralJersey.com and NJ.com.

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