Plainfield Could Be The Key To CD-6

With Anna Little leading Frank Pallone by 20+ points in Monmouth County and closing the gap in Middlesex County where the County ticket of Hackett and Kane for Sheriff and Clerk  and Freeholder candidates Frank, Rickards and Rosenthal are running strong campaigns, the outcome of a nail biter could very well depend on the turnout in the Union County City of Plainfield where Democrats outnumber Republicans by a margin of 11,028 to 876, with 6,230 Independents.

Frank Pallone appears to be betting his career on a strong Plainfield turnout.  He opened a satellite congressional office there, at taxpayers expense, two weeks ago, after ignoring the city for 22 years.  Politickernj reports that Democratic Assemblyman Jerry Green and Union County Democratic Chairwoman Charlotte DeFilippo have targeted a turnout of 30% of Plainfield’s 18,134 registered voters.

Pray for rain in Plainfield.  Turnout the vote in Monmouth.

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One Comment on “Plainfield Could Be The Key To CD-6”

  1. Fred Lehlbach said at 10:11 am on October 28th, 2010:

    A little birdie told me that Frank is saving ALOT of money to put on the street in all the urban areas on Tuesday.

    Good old street money. Some things never change.