Eck Preparing To Challenge Holt In CD 12


Dr. Alieta Eck

Dr. Alieta Eck

Dr. Alieta Eck is laying the groundwork to run against 12 District Congressman Rush Holt.  She expects to make a formal announcement of her candidacy after the first of the year.  She was a candidate in the Special Senate Primary to replace the late Senator Frank Lautenberg this summer, losing to former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan.  Lonegan went on to lose to then Newark Mayor Cory Booker by 11%.

Eck told MMM this afternoon that she is setting up meetings with the Republican County Chairs of the distirct (Mercer, Middlesex, Somerset and Union) and the National Republian Congressional Committee. She hopes to avoid having to defend her nominating petitions come April.  She also hopes to be unopposed for the GOP nomination.  Eck said she is being advised by GOP consultant David Millner and former Congressman Mike Pappas.  Holt unseated Pappas in 1998.

[Aside: NRCC is selling Bush/Cheney 00 tee shirts for $25 if you’re looking for stocking stuffers] (sarcasm off)

A former president of the American Physicians Association, Eck is an ardent critic of ObamaCare and Medicaid.  She advocates reforming health care by giving doctors incentives to provide charity care, as she and her husband, Dr. John Eck, do at the Zarephath Health Center in Somerset.  Eck serves on the board of Christian Care Medi-Share, a faith based medical cost sharing Ministry.

Holt is also a critic of ObamaCare, although he voted for it.  He favors a single-payer government funded healthcare system like those in Europe and Canada.

MMM publisher Art Gallagher interviewed Eck in August prior to the Special Senate Primary.  View that interview here:




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9 Comments on “Eck Preparing To Challenge Holt In CD 12”

  1. Brennan Huff said at 10:19 pm on December 10th, 2013:

    Decent get. I have a lot of respect for her on the issues and experience.

    She showed last year that she knew nothing at all about campaigns. But that can be chalked up to being a first timer. If she learned something, she can potentially go out and do some good things.

  2. Mark F. said at 11:05 pm on December 10th, 2013:

    Yes, hopefully 2014 will just be filled with electoral surprises

  3. Hoochie Koochie said at 12:51 am on December 11th, 2013:

    Just what the GOP needs, another Tea Party nutcase instead of a serious candidate. And she’s getting advice from the same clown who sang “Twinkle, twinkle, Kenneth Starr” on the floor of the House of Representatives in 1998 and was promptly dispatched by the current incumbent.

  4. Note To Dr. Eck said at 7:14 am on December 11th, 2013:

    Stay away from the Bayshore Tea Party Group, AKA “The Kiss Of Death”


    Silence Dogood, Redux

    P.S. Hoochie, since no one else seems to be bellying up to the table, you have to give her credit. So, unless you are planning to run, STFU.

  5. Harold Kane said at 8:29 am on December 11th, 2013:

    No Monmouth towns are in CD 12. Eck is a good choice precisely because she does not have any “experience” as a political type. People like her bring fresh eyes to issues, not the same old “we’ve always done it this way” mentality.
    The numbers in CD12 tend to have Holt by about 54-46. Except that 2014 will not be an average year in Congressional races. Eck by 6.

  6. Shore Girl said at 10:03 am on December 11th, 2013:

    Dr. Eck will have to run under a weak and unnamed Republican US Senate Candidate who will get crushed by Booker. She will loss by 20. Too bad – she is a nice lady.

  7. @jim said at 10:08 am on December 11th, 2013:

    If “Hoochie Koochie” did decide to run, would you lend your experiences and assistance to support the noob, or blast him or her like you did the folks who wanted to run for State Assembly and Freeholder last year?

    P.S. Which office or offices have you personally run for again to earn the title of STFUGiverOuter?

  8. CD 12 Results said at 4:57 pm on December 11th, 2013:

    2012: Beck -39
    2010: Sipprelle -7
    2008: Bateman -28
    2006: Sinagra -32

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