A Common Sense Election

By Ernesto Cullari

The American dream has never been more distant. The divide between being creative, entrepreneurial and reaping a reward for your hard work has never been greater. It feels like times have quickly changed for the worse. One thing is clear, job losses are rampant and our economic forecast is about to get cloudier in the new year when the Bush tax cuts (that we have all benefited from) expire. The Democrat agenda of big government, big spending and punitive taxation is a historical failure and nearly all of us know someone who has been hurt by it. It’s time to stop blaming Bush. It’s time to hold our current legislators accountable for their defect spending votes, which have driven our economy off a cliff and into an abyss of mass unemployment and pervasive financial despair.
The largest tax increase in American history is on its way. The people responsible for it are still in power. The agenda of Rush Holt, Frank Pallone and Nancy Pelosi is too burdensome, it’s too costly and common sense tells you that it’s time to get rid of them and try something old, before it’s too late.
That’s right I said old. It’s time once again for commonsensical small government conservatism. Ronald Reagan once said, “We’ve tried spending our way to prosperity for more than four decades and it hasn’t worked. . .. Twice in this century, in the 1920’s and in the early 60’s we cut taxes substantially and the stimulant to the economy was substantial and immediate.” Reagan was right. He cut taxes substantially and up until recently we have been enjoying the prosperity that has flowed from his wise choice. That choice is yours once again. 
In local elections do you always vote Democrat? Look around you. This election isn’t about political loyalties. This is about survival. 76% of you know someone who is looking for a job, according to Rasmussen Reports. Maybe you are out of work yourself or you had to take a job that you thought you’d never have to take again, just to make ends meet. You feel you’ve paid your dues and yet the poor political decisions made by an elite few have you starting at the bottom again. Democrats like Rush Holt and Frank Pallone have had total power over the federal government and yet they have been a complete failure.
Your vote for Anna Little or Scott Sipprelle is a vote against this political establishment. It is a vote against cronyism and special interest groups. It is a vote for small commonsensical government. In a conservative government maintaining individual liberty is of special interest.     
17% percent of people in our community are under-employed. 1 in 10 among us are unemployed, despite an intrusive federal government. This election is about betrayal. Our representatives in Congress have betrayed us with their big government idealism that has favored: Wall Street bailouts, a trillion dollar stimulus bill, a trillion dollar overthrow of private healthcare, a trillion dollar omnibus bill, the complete nationalization of the student loan industry, federal funding for abortions. In total since Nancy Pelosi, Frank Pallone and Rush Holt have betrayed us to the tune of 5 trillion dollars since they took control of Congress.
So as you can see this isn’t just another election. This isn’t simply about Democrat or Republican. This is about common sense. Will you put back in office the very fools that have driven us to financial ruin or will you look back to better days, the days of small government Reagan Conservatism? Common sense tells me that Anna Little and Scott Sipprelle will be our next representatives in Congress.     
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