Pallone and Holt Rated ZERO By Small Business Council (Adler Not Far Behind)

By Mark Falzon, VP Jersey Shore Tea Party

Thursday 10/14:  In their report issued this week http://www.sbecouncil.org/scorecard/ the Small Business Entrepreneurship Council released ratings for both the House and Senate for 2010.  Both Central NJ Democratic congressional incumbents Frank Pallone and Rush Holt rated ZERO OUT OF 100.  This information contradicts anything Pallone and Holt have been chirping on the campaign trail.  Whatever boasts they have made about being a friend to the American small business owner are statistically laughable. To absorb the enormity (or lack thereof) of this rating, consider Tea Party favorites like congresspersons Ron Paul-Tx 95%, Michele Bachmann-MN 100% and senator Jim DeMint SC-100%.
In a slightly higher rating than Pallone’s and Holt’s dismal performance, NJ congressman Adler scored 23%
The business group itself issued the following guidelines to analyze the ratings:
Champion of the Entrepreneur:  90% – 100%
Advocate of the Entrepreneur:  80% – 89%
Friend of the Entrepreneur:  70% – 79%
Notice how the business group did not provide a scorecard key for ratings under 70%, instead leaving it to the savvy American voter to draw their own conclusion.  A low rating is one thing, but ZERO?  Our elected officials voted without fail against small business every and all the time? 23% for Adler?  He didn’t come close to a 70%
So who exactly are these three gentlemen supporting?  Who exactly are these men representing?  Certainly not the heart of the American experience, our small businesses.  Certainly not the constituent struggling to earn a living, raise a family and pay the bills
The Tea Party Movement and groups in NJ are careful to vet candidates before publicly releasing support.  This cycle Ms. Anna Little, a staunch conservative and the THE banner person for the NJ Tea Party Movement is locked in a race with Pallone.  I am comfortable in assuming Ms. Little’s congressional scorecard would be more in line with a Bachmann, a Paul or a Demint.  Do we want our 6th CD congressperson on the side of American small businesses?  I would hope so.  It is quite apparent Pallone is not.
In the other races, Sipprelle (vs. Holt) has picked up some Tea Party support and is the product of the private sector himself and has built and operates a mid-sized financial firm.  Do you see Scott voting 100% NO against small businesses, or even 23% of the time?  I don’t.  What is Rush Holt voting for? In the 3rd CD, challenger Runyan has opened lines of communication with local Tea Parties.  Do we see Mr. Runyan improving on Adler’s 23% rating?  I do.
If there was ever hard statistical data to prove the arrogance and unknown goals and aspirations of central NJ’s congressional incumbents, this is it.  What are they thinking?  What playbook are they following?  Whose agenda are they supporting?  I don’t have the answers to those questions but I do know two things; 
1) American citizens yearn for a vibrant economy, energy independence, liberty friendly regulations and a government that knows its place in our lives.
2) All three of these congressmen do not share the vision of a vibrant, economically healthy America with a blossoming middle class.  They do not share the vision of an realistic energy independent America.  They do not share the vision of a liberty driven, business friendly atmosphere.
To return these three incumbemts to office would be an American travesty.  To send Anna Little, Messrs. Sipprelle and Runyan to DC would be a Walls of Jericho trumpet blast to the detached inhabitants of congress and DC that we indeed, have had enough.

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