Pallone’s Desperate Plea

By Art Gallagher

The Wave that started on the Jersey Shore  is rising to sweep Nancy Pelosi out of power and Frank Pallone and Rush Holt out of office.    Pallone is running scared.

During his interview with NJN last week, Pallone said the Tea Party’s anger is understandable but misplaced.  He said they should not be angry with him, rather they should be angry with banks, Wall Street and insurance companies.  Would that be the same insurance companies that contributed to his $4 million war chest? 

Pallone told NJN he’s been fighting banks, Wall Street, oil companies and insurance companies for 22 years.  Now he says people should be angry with the people he’s been fighting instead of him.  That sounds to me like an admission that he hasn’t won a fight in 22 years.  He’s in the fight of his life now and he knows he’s losing. 

Pallone sent a desperate plea to his supporters yesterday:

Dear Friend,

There’s only 3 weeks left until Election Day. On November 2nd voters will have to make an important decision – we can either continue to progress with crucial reforms, or we can turn back the clock to the failed Bush/Cheney policies which left our country in a devastating position.Would you please consider making a $21 donation for the last 21 days of this campaign?

My Tea Party-approved opponent is out-of-touch – she is more interested in ideology than working for the residents of the 6th District and New Jersey. I’m working to reign in the excesses of Wall Street with the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. I fought against offshore drilling on our beaches and shores, and this year we passed the most important reform to our health care system our generation has ever seen. My opponent would rather worry about what’s best for big businesses rather than New Jersey’s working families.

Although 3 weeks seems like a long time away, Election Day will be here before you know it. Can I count on your help reaching out to voters and helping in my campaign office? In this crucial time every hour you can give matters.

Thank you for all of your hard work.

Frank Pallone Jr.

PS. Please forward this message to 5 others to spread the word about my campaign of progress for the 6th District.




Continue the progress? What has he been doing for 22 years?

Pallone started airing his TV commericials this morning. They are weak and whining like he is. We have him on the ropes. Let’s knock him out.

Do your part. Give $21 or $2100 to Anna Little’s campaign. Do it now here

Then email this post to 21 people.

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3 Comments on “Pallone’s Desperate Plea”

  1. Henry V Vaccaro said at 9:36 am on October 13th, 2010:

    Frankie, if any body is ” OUT OF TOUCH ” it’s You. You don’t listen to the will of the people, the same people you claim to represent. We put you in office and WE WILL TAKE YOU OUT. GOD DAMN RIGHT I’M ANGRY.

  2. Firesign58 said at 11:39 am on October 13th, 2010:

    “Working families”? What a joke, Pallone. You haven’t worked a day in 22 years courtesy of the citizens of New Jersey who are going to punt you out of the Washington elite. How’d your wife get that cushy EPA job just before the health care vote? Hm? Care to comment? If Anna Little is so ‘out of touch’ and you are so hardworking with a super track record of progress (I am snorting derisively as I type) – the DEBATE ANNA LITTLE and put it to rest once and for all. If you are truly the voice of the Sixth District, then ***show us***. We’re from Missouri on this: SHOW us.

  3. Joker's Wildcard said at 11:52 am on October 13th, 2010:

    “Continue the progress” sounds a lot like a …. PROGRESSIVE.

    Frank Pallone wants progress toward Socialism, folks. He won’t rest till he has all our money in his greedy hands, along with Nancy Pelosi.

    Vote-em-all-out in 2010 and 2012.

    Vote Anna Little – Little Government is Good Government.