Scudiery Endorsing Booker For U.S. Senate, Bashes Pallone

Former Monmouth Democratic Chairman Victor Scudiery

Former Monmouth Democratic Chairman Victor Scudiery

Former Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Victor Scudiery is breaking with the organization he lead for over 20 years by endorsing Newark Mayor Cory Booker over Congressman Frank Pallone in the Special Senate Primary on August 13.

“I was born and raised in Newark,” Scudiery told MMM, “I have great admiration for Mayor Booker and what he has accomplished in the city and with their schools.  I believe he is the right person to move up to be our next United States Senator.

“Newark is not an easy city to govern, but they’ve made great strides under Mayor Booker.  I am proud to support him.”

Scudiery said that the Monmouth County campaign headquarters of the Booker campaign will open on Thursday in the Airport Plaza Shopping Center which he owns.

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Booker says his race is why he’s not speaking at Dem Convention

Newark Mayor Cory Booker said that it is his race, not his Meet the Press gaffe honesty that is keeping the leaders of the Democratic Party from having he speak in prime time during the Democratic National Convention in September.

From The Star Ledger:

He has no speaking role at the Democratic National Convention next month in Charlotte, N.C., but that’s understandable, according to Booker:

“The polite way to say why I didn’t have expectations is that I’m an African-American, northeastern Democrat in a safe state. Maybe if I was a Latino from Nevada or San Antonio.”

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Why is The Asbury Park Press Editorial Board Interviewing Booker?

The Asbury Park Press editorial board is doing such a good job covering Monmouth and Ocean Counties that they’ve decided to expand their coverage north to Essex County.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker had a sit down with the APP editorial board yesterday.  It was a nice interview judging from the write-up;  Booker agrees with Governor Christie’s proposed public education reforms.  He disagrees with Christie’s restructuring of higher education.  He differs with Christie on gay marriage and diet. He thinks the Governor is a good guy.  As is usually the case, no news was broken by The Asbury Park Press.

Gannett’s Middlesex/Somerset publication ran the same article and included a video on MyCentralJersey.com


This from Central Jersey’s supposed major news source that didn’t know that a new Monmouth County freeholder was elected in January until they read about it here and on Patch.com.

Monmouth County had 53 mayors.  Ocean County has 33.   Has the editorial board ever sat down with one of them?

Gannett is apparently surrendering the local news market to the Patches.  Maybe as they change their business model they plan to merge all of the New Jersey publications and and put out a statewide edition of USA Today.  To bad for them that NJTV already took the name NJ Today.

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