Houghtaling: “In Neptune, we’ve always used police vehicles this way”

Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling said the Democrat Neptune Township Committee candidates have always used police vehicles to promote themselves in parades and that he does not understand what the big deal is when MMM asked him to comment about why he was using taxpayers’equipment for political purposes as depicted the attached photo.

“You don’t need me to send me the photo, we’ve always done that in Neptune.  We march with the police,” Houghtaling said. Read the rest of this entry »

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Asbury Park Press Building Up For Sale

Gannett has listed The Asbury Park Press headquarters in Neptune for sale.  The price of the 24,000 square foot facility is not disclosed.

APP explained that the move is part of its “ongoing strategic transformation” and that they plan to lease space in the Monmouth/Ocean area.

“We’re excited about the opportunity this presents,” said President and Publisher Tom Donovan. “We are beginning the search for new space where we will continue to pursue great journalism and work for the greater good of our communities while positioning ourselves for an increasingly digital and mobile world. We remain deeply committed to serving the vital Monmouth and Ocean County communities. “

All righty then.  Good thing they are continuing to pursue great journalism.  I hope they get there soon.

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