Houghtaling: “In Neptune, we’ve always used police vehicles this way”

Assemblyman Eric Houghtaling said the Democrat Neptune Township Committee candidates have always used police vehicles to promote themselves in parades and that he does not understand what the big deal is when MMM asked him to comment about why he was using taxpayers’equipment for political purposes as depicted the attached photo.

“You don’t need me to send me the photo, we’ve always done that in Neptune.  We march with the police,” Houghtaling said.

That’s a no-no, Eric and members of the Neptune Township Committee. You can’t use government resources, taxpayers’s resources, for political purposes.

The photo, which is from the Memorial Day parade in May, was sent to MMM by a reader in response to our story about Houghtaling and his running mate, Assemblywoman Joann Downey, both Democrats of the 11th legislative district, filing complaints against with the NJ Attorney General, the FCC and the NJ Joint Legislative Ethics Committee against Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso, a Republican from the 13th legislative district.

Houghtaling and Downy complained that DiMaso hurt their reputations by making a robocall into their district on July 5 which informed voters that their Assembly representatives voted for Governor Murphy’s massive tax and spending increases and that they voted to cut school funding for many of the district’s schools this year through 2025.  They further complained that the legislative staff had too field numerous calls from constituents complaining about their votes to increase taxes and spending on the state level while reducing school funding for many of the district’s schools.

DiMaso’s recording:

The 11th district legislators, in their complaints, alleged that DiMaso’s call was a “spoof” and violated the Truth in Caller ID Act, because, they allege, the caller ID on the robocall was the phone number of their legislative office, 732-695-3371.

DiMaso said she did not spoof anyone.  She clearly identified herself and why she was calling.  She said she doesn’t know about the caller ID and did not place the call herself.



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4 Comments on “Houghtaling: “In Neptune, we’ve always used police vehicles this way””

  1. Typical From said at 2:24 pm on July 19th, 2018:

    Eric Houghtaling & Neptune Democrats who think they are above the rule of law.

    Just because they have done it that way, it doesn’t make it right.

  2. Get/ use your own car said at 6:23 am on July 20th, 2018:

    for political purposes. This is the problem with local fiefdoms run for too long by one party: checks and balances needed at every level. Too much arrogance, all around.

  3. Tim H said at 9:03 am on July 21st, 2018:

    They should be forced to repay the township the cost to operate the vehicle for the time it was used during the event. Then ethics charges should be filed against them to the state ethics board for using taxpayer funds and resources for personal, political purposes. This is filthy arrogance. What else do they do? Use free township cell phones for personal use? Use town cars for personal use? Get special treatment? A deeper investigation is warranted.

  4. @ Tim H. said at 11:37 am on July 21st, 2018:

    People are on it, I assure you.