O’Scanlon, in final action in the Assembly, makes push for arbitration cap (Video)

In his final action as an Assemblyman, Declan O’Scanlon made an impassioned plea to his colleagues to do right by New Jersey taxpayers and remove the sunset on the arbitration award cap on police and firefighter salaries.   That cap was an integral part of the bi-partisan property tax reforms which were a hallmark accomplishment of the Christie administration.

The motion to consider the bill was defeated 42-23 by the Democrat controlled chamber.

O’Scanlon will be sworn into the State Senate at noon today.  He replaces Senator Joe Kyrillos in representing the 13th legislative district.

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4 Comments on “O’Scanlon, in final action in the Assembly, makes push for arbitration cap (Video)”

  1. Dirty Hippie said at 9:08 am on January 10th, 2018:

    Declan O’Scanlon and his opinions are irrelevant. Now if you want some information that might actually improve the quality of your life, know that all sizes of coffee are only $1.00 this month at Wawa.

  2. Steve Adams said at 5:45 pm on January 10th, 2018:

    Thank you Declan, for standing up and showing the politicians that being a public servant is different than being a politician.

    We need more public servants like Declan that represent taxpayers and fewer politicians that represent themselves and their special interests.

    Best wishes as a hugely successful State Senate public servant.

  3. Taxpayers beware said at 8:43 pm on January 10th, 2018:

    : besides promising all taxes will go up, we will have the thrill of old Dem admin retreads, with few Obama – ites in charge , down there: especially the labor union guy as labor commissioner- fox in henhouse?? We are in big trouble- start packing, if you can!

  4. Steve Adams said at 11:05 am on January 12th, 2018:

    That new Labor Commissioner will be keeping or increasing government spending at all levels by controlling the NJ Labor Dept “Prevailing Wage Rates”, which are a payoff to labor unions and a tax on taxpayers in NJ. These wage rates typically around $100 per hour could be half as high and we could employ twice as many people doing twice as much public infrastructure re-building in NJ. Or we could have a tax reduction, or both.

    Government should be about the citezens not the special interests.