Pay for NJ public employees climbed $360M in 2013, report says

Pay for NJ public employees climbed $360M in 2013, report says (via NJ.com)

New Jersey’s public employees were paid about $26.7 billion last year — $360 million more than in 2012. State taxpayers funded the positions of an additional 1,409 workers last year — an increase of 1.3 percent, according to a report by the Asbury…

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Governor Chris Christie’s Press Conference On The Strom

“This was not a Republcian storm or a Democratic storm”

Governor Christie makes his opening remarks to the press after signing a letter to President Obama requesting FEMA disaster relief.  The Governor praised his  leadership team for the work they did dealing with the strom and  praised Senate President Steve Sweeney for his non-partisan partnership. He described the preparation for the storm, the execution of the plan to deal with the storm, and events that occurred during the blizzard.

Governor Christie addresses the circumstances of both he and Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno being away from New Jersey for five days.

“It was not a matter of equipment.  It was a matter of the amount of the snowfall and the intensity of the snowfall.” ~ Transportation Commissioner James Simpson

Governor Christie address the inaccurate reports of a decline in the amount of state equipment available to manage storms in the past year.  Transportation Commission James Simpson describes the use of the equipment and the conditions he and his team were dealing with.


“I made the decision to be a father first.”

This segment is classic Christie. The Governor describes his decision to go on vacation with his family while preparing for the storm.  He delivers a counter-punch to  Senator Ray Lesniak who has been critical of the Governor and Lt. Governor this week.  He addresses the antiquity of the sucession procedure of the State Constitution and he describes working with Senator Sweeney via phone during the course of the crisis.

Coming next year (probably some time over the weekend)….Chrisite slams mayors who blame the conditions in their towns on the State.  He singles out Brick Mayor Steve Acropolis in particular.

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