A Gas Tax Musing

By Rosalie Avin

Rosalie Avin

In 2016, Chris Christie raised our gas taxes 23 cents on the gallon. It was “HUGE” and not in the President Trump, positive way. The people of New Jersey were angered once again by Christie’s brazen disregard for the middle class. He had shown his apathy by playing with the pensions of state employees including teachers and the police. He flaunted it by refusing to negotiate contracts in a timely fashion. The one reason this tax was accepted was the governor’s promise that the money would be directed towards infrastructure.  Our roads, tunnels and bridges were in disrepair therefore the taxpayer would finance the renewal.

Christie did not keep his word. As I drove on major routes like the Garden State, I often wondered, “Where did that money go?”

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Chris Smith – The Real Deal

The Evans Family relates How Congressman Chris Smith Saved their Children

By Rosalie Avin

Chris Smith , Congressman 4th district, A REAL Advocate for His Constituents

Congressman Chris Smith with Joseph Evans and his daughters Ashley and Sophia following their rescue from Georgia

Stories demonstrating his deep concern for the issues of the people in New Jersey are often understated by the media but to the people whose lives he has impacted, Chris Smith is a hero and a person who deserves to be re-elected to the fourth district by a landslide. Teah and Joseph Evans want their story to be shared so that voters will understand the character and the resilience of this incredible man. It is their hope that stupid, vitriolic ads will always be ignored. Congressman Chris Smith has represented the fourth district with compassion, concern and awareness.

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