Ho Lee Fuk, Howie Felterbush!

Gannett’s USAToday Gets Pranked While Reporting Zimmerman Verdict

'Howie Felterbush's' facebook avatar. The photo is actually of photographer Terry Richardson, according to TinEye.com

‘Howie Felterbush’s’ facebook avatar. The photo is actually of photographer Terry Richardson and two friends, according to TinEye.com

Newspaper/website conglomerate Gannett has more problems than the Asbury Park Press Editorial Board Neptune Nudniks.

The editors of the USA Today, the flagship paper of the Nudnik’s parent company, Gannett, were pranked over the weekend while covering the George Zimmerman verdict.

Deadspin caught the prank and saved it with a screen grab:

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Obama Circle ‘Shaking with Laughter’ Over Hillary Rosen Distraction

By Ann Kane

Set em’ up, take em’ down. Did you ask yourself why Obama, Biden, Axelrod, and leftists of all stripes appeared to side with the pro-Ann Romney camp? Did it make you stop and think? Or did you buy into the distraction?

Crazy headlines like “Obama Throws Hilary Rosen Under the Bus” make you wonder why he would do that to someone who visited the White House 35 times since he became president. It’s because he isn’t really throwing her under the bus; he’s just saying he is.

Consider this excerpt from the poem “Child of Europe”:

Let your lie be even more logical than the truth itself
So the weary travelers may find repose in the lie.

After the Day of the Lie gather in select circles
Shaking with laughter when our real deeds are mentioned.

Behind the distractions, the Left, socialists, communists, Marxists whatever you want to call them have been “pushing centralization and collectivism” (see AT’s editor Thomas Lifson’s blog post) of the government right under our noses through lies and propaganda.

Republicans wonder why Obama’s buddies keep getting to set the narrative. The answer’s obvious — the Republicans keep taking the bait.

Throwing out chum to the chattering classes is right out of the Democrat consultant and Mao admirer Anita Dunn’s strategy to sidetrack us from the destructive transformative policies this administration has put in place.

Dunn’s name keeps popping up. She visits the White House regularly, and her PR firm SKDKnickerbocker was behind Sandra Fluke’s media firestorm; now we find Hilary Rosen works at SKDK.

Let’s recap the last three months just to get a handle on team Obama’s modus operandi.

In January Obama media reporter George Stephanopolous throws out a line about whether birth control should be covered in Obamacare at the Republican debate. Three weeks later what has all the conservatives in a tizzy? Sandra Fluke and her ridiculous call for free birth control and how she was wronged by a congressional committee who wouldn’t hear her case.

Non-stop media coverage ensued, but while everyone was looking at this nonsense, the administration continued to toil away 24/7 on creating and implementing socialist policies.

Next comes Trayvon Martin. His death came on February 26, but the chum throwers didn’t place it in the news cycle until March 19. More non-stop media coverage; more underground workers making the overthrow of capitalism a goal within their reach.

Now that Trayvon’s case has calmed down after the George Zimmerman arrest, enter stage right, Hilary Rosen, leftist media pundit. She makes an incendiary statement about Ann Romney “never working a day in her life,” and all hell breaks loose.

Not only are conservatives attempting to compare the illogic of this woman’s words with past remarks by feminists, but leftists are talking like they’re so above the vitriol Rosen spewed.

As a result of the Rosen affair, we’re all focused on antiquated mommy wars which were settled 50 years ago; nobody thinks stay at home moms don’t work. But that doesn’t matter. All that matters is conservatives just keep swallowing the Left’s brain candy.

And the driven-to-distraction narrative goes on…and on. We don’t have to jump every time Obama and his minions try to play us like fiddles.

The Hannitys, Becks and Limbaughs don’t need to comment. Instead they should highlight the egregious policies being practiced in the health care industry right now. They need to hammer away about the bad economy; Obama’s Achilles Heel. They need to instruct us on how centralization and collectivism happens on the street level.

They should point out how education reform is being spearheaded by Obama operatives (Anita Dunn pops up here as well; SKDK represents StudentsFirst and a mayoral candidate in NYC whom StudentsFirst is also backing) in conjunction with Republican sympathizers.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the next time the Left entices us with some manufactured crisis, we just ignore it and continue on with exposing what’s really going on?

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The New Justice

By James Fitzmaurice

I am hoping that the tragedy of the Trayvon Martin incident and all of the ensuing drama will become a teachable moment for all of us and also a call to reflect on our own reactions to the story.

On social media, thousands of people were posting the message, “Justice for Trayvon”, with an account of what allegedly happen on that night. The thing that struck me most about the ubiquitous postings was that in order to repost “Justice for Trayvon”, one must accept the premise that justice will NOT be served.

In my schools and at home we learned not to pre- judge anyone because of skin color, race or creed. The lesson was simple enough; but that was before a new language was introduced to deal with our differences and with it a philosophy that has undermined race relations and pitted all types of “groups” against others, despite the indisputable fact that the intention was to overcome our differences and to learn to get along. If you are under 40 years old you have never known any different.

My questions are: Why did so many people automatically jump to the conclusion that justice cannot be served? Why did the media use old pictures instead of more recent and accurate pictures? Why did the New York Times refer to Mr. Zimmerman as a “white” Hispanic? Why is it that the Attorney General has no interest in the New Black Panther party placing a bounty on the head of a private citizen? Why did the president think that his comments regarding the matter were appropriate? Why did Trayvon’s mom use the plural (they) instead of the singular (he) when speaking of her son’s shooting? Why did Spike Lee tweet the (wrong) address of the Zimmerman family? Please notice that I have not included the more incendiary comments and charges. Where does one learn this behavior? Could it be the same place they learn that Black children learn differently than White children, and that all “cultures”, instead of all “Individuals” are equal? Is it the same place where they learn about victimhood, institutional racism and group identity politics?

Multiculturalism is a philosophy that pretends to be a uniting system of tolerance and diversity. In actual practice it is exactly the opposite. The insidious genius of Multiculturalism is in placing some “groups” in a position where they are forced to accept the original sin of past deeds and prejudices’ of unrelated ancestors and similar “colored” people, while forgiving others from being personally responsible for their own actions due to injustices of the past. It also asks decent and fair minded people to defend themselves against unwarranted charges of racism by proving that they are not racist.

The philosophy of multiculturalism actually is a very divisive form of tribalism and collectivism. Multiculturalism separates us into opposing camps and it threatens to Balkanize our country. True diversity and tolerance comes from equal opportunity, economic freedom, and the rule of law.

We must wake up and realize that we are a country of “Individuals” (not groups) from many backgrounds, with certain inalienable rights that are protected by our laws and the Constitution.

It may be that the desire for instant retribution is responsible for the unseemly reactions by some to the slow process of obtaining the facts in the case, processing them and presenting them to a Grand Jury, but the behavior exhibited by far too many, looks a lot more like prejudice than “Justice”.

James Fitzmaurice is an artist living in Rumson, NJ

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