Vatican’s bishops lighten up: What new report says about homosexuality, marriage and contraception

In a stunning departure from the church’s long-held stance on controversial social issues, the Vatican’s bishops are calling for a far more pastoral approach to the Catholic church’s doctrine, according to a new document published Monday. In its report, The Extraordinary General Assembly Synod of Bishops seemed to have tabled a “lifestyle ecumenism” as Boston Globe… Read the rest of this entry »
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Romney Crushes Santorum in Illinois

Multiple news outlets have declared Mitt Romney the overwhelming winner of the Illinois GOP primary, based upon exit polling data.

FoxNews says Romney leads Santorum 54% to 28% in very early returns.

Maybe now we can stop taking about pornography and contraception.

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A new trend in gender equality

Fighting back at legislative restrictions to abortion and contraception, female legislators in Ohio, Illinois and Virginia have introduced bills that would regulate the use of viagra.

In Ohio, Senator Nina Turner has introduced Senate bill 307, which would require men to see a sex therapist, receive a cardiac stress test and produce a notarized affidavit from a sexual partner affirming impotence before getting their blue pills.  The Dayton Daily News article doesn’t say if the therapist can be the person signing the affidavit.

In Illinois, State Rep. Kelly Cassidy, a lesbian rights activist appointed to the legislature last April and elected in November, has proposed a gender equality amendment to legislation would require women to get an ultra-sound before an abortion.  Her amendment would require men to watch a video depicting the side effects of Viagra and the treatment thereof.

In Virginia, State Senator Janet Howell submitted an amendment to an ultra sound before abortion bill  that would have required men to receive a digital rectal exam prior to receiving a Viagra prescription.  Her amendment failed but the ultra sound bill passed.

So far, there is no such legislation is proposed in New Jersey.

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Misogyny On The Left

In a column published yesterday on The Daily Beast, Kirsten Powers, who is also a FoxNews analyst, calls the leftist media on their hypocrisy over the Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke controversy.

Powers doesn’t want anyone to give Limbaugh a break over calling Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute.”  On the contrary, she says his apology is an inauthentic attempt to keep his advertisers from abandoning him.  She’s probably right.   Kirsten wants Rush to grovel more and to call Fluke on the phone, just President Obama did.

While I agree that Limbaugh’s comments were inappropriate and over the top, I predict that Fluke will parlay the resulting exposure into a lucrative media career.  Watch out Rachel Madow and the lefties on The View — Sandra Fluke is your new competition.  If living well is the best revenge, we’ll be seeing more of Fluke gloating than we’ll see or hear of Limbaugh groveling.

Powers has nothing to worry about.  Fluke is no competition for Kirsten.  Kirsten has integrity.

Which is why Powers calls out Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman and a couple of misogynists lefties I’ve never heard of (I’m sure they’ve never heard of me either), in graphic detail.

What if they said those horrible things about Jews or African-Americans, Powers asks rhetorically as if the answer was obvious. 

The answer is obvious, but not the one Powers was implying.  If Matthews or Olbermann said something racist about a Jew, nothing much would happen.  If they said something racist about an African American, they would be boycotted and/or fired.  Only Whoopie Goldberg, Jessie Jackson and rappers are allowed to make money using the N-word.

Bill Maher, the “grand pooh-bah of media mysogyny” is allowed to make money using the C-word.  He can refer to conservative women like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman and Rick Santorum’s wife in sexist and sexual terms, make money and get a pass from Gloria Steinem.

Powers says that unless the left stream media starts holding their resident misogynists to account, “the fight against media misogyny will continue to be perceived as a proxy war for the Democratic Party, not a fight for fair treatment of women in the public square.”

What fight against media misogyny?  Powers just laid it out perfectly in her piece.   The left isn’t fighting against media misogyny.  They are the media misogynists!

The right doesn’t have a media misogyny problem.  Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Megyn Kelly, Sarah Palin and a great deal of the FoxNews talent, including Powers are not demeaned by male members of the media right or center right.  When male members of the media right, like Bill O’Reilly for example, criticise Maddow, The View women or Nancy Pelosi, he never does it in a misogynist manner.  I’m sure someone can come up with right wing media types on the fringe who are consistently misogynistic, but no one with the prominence of Maher, Matthews or Olbermann. 

Limbaugh is not consistently misogynistic, like those lefties.  I don’t know what is in Rush’s heart, but if he was consistently misognynistic his career would be over.  And not because of the left wouldn’t tolerate it.  Rush’s listeners would not tolerate such behavior.

Rush Limbaugh didn’t apologise because the the outcry from the leftist media and the Democrats. He lives for and cashes in over outcrys from the left. He apologised because of the outcry from Republicans and his right-wing advertisers.

We’ll know the left is fighting against media misogyny and that the Democratic Party truly stands for women’s rights when President Obama’s Super PAC returns the $1 million dollars that Bill Maher donated. 

Powers is too smart to have the audacity to hope that happens.  Otherwise she would have called for the President’s PAC to return the money.  She left that task up to The Weekly Standard.

In the meantime, the “fight against media misogyny” is a “proxy war for the Democratic Party,” just like this whole fabricated contraception controversy is a proxy war for the Democratic Party.

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Contraception Debate Is No Fluke

“Contraception is working just fine.  Leave it alone.” ~Mitt Romney answering George Stephanopoulos’s questions regarding States having the right to ban contraception during the New Hampshire GOP presidential debate

President Obama and his allies in the mainstream media completely fabricated the recent contraception controversy in order to distract America from its real problems which are likely to get worse between now and November 6.

Rather than talk about almost 25 million working age Americans without jobs, Obama wants America to be afraid that his Republican challenger would ban birth control if elected.

George Stephanopoulos of ABC News, formerly President Bill Clinton’s Communications Director, went to great lengths during the New Hampshire GOP presidential debate to get a sound bite of Mitt Romney saying that States have the right to ban birth control in early January. 

In November of last year, Obama told then Archbishop, now Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, the leader of the Catholic Church in the United States, that he “get most of what he wanted” regarding contraception as the White House was hashing out the implentation of ObamaCare.

By early February, Obama changed his mind,betrayed Dolan and shifted the national debate away from the economy and on to issues that were “working just fine” —  birth control and religious freedom — when he announced the ObamaCare regulations that requires all employers, including those affiliated with religious institutions, to provide health care that includes the cost of contraceptives.

Romney avoided the trap in January, but Rick Santorum jumped into it with both feet in February, as did Republicans in the House and Senate.

Rush Limbaugh did the congressional Republicans a favor by drawing attention to himself, and away from the Blunt Amendment which was never going to pass, with his crass remarks about Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law School student  who is as much a part of this Obama change the subject gambit as Stephanopoulos is.

But Limbaugh did Obama a bigger favor. The President called Fluke yesterday to thank her for speaking out for women’s rights.  Now he’s framing the contraception debate as a women’s right’s issue.

Fluke is not a 23 year old coed who can’t afford birth control as originally reported in the media.  She’s a 30 year old women’s rights activist.  It was no fluke that the Democrats wanted her to testify before congress.  She’s likely to be the President’s 2012 Obama girl.


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Stupid Republicans Are Losing The Public

As Governor Christie has often said, Republicans underestimate President Barack Obama at their own peril.

Using the authority granted to him in the ObamaCare bill that had to be passed before America could find out what was in it, Obama mandated that contraceptives be covered by all health insurance plans, including those provided by employers affiliated with religions that are morally opposed to contraception.

Obama laid a trap for Republicans.  They fell for it like a horny teenage girl whose boyfriend promised her he would pull out.  It’s almost too late to reverse the consequences.

Now the national debate is over contraception.  Not unemployment.  Not foreclosures. Not war.  Not terrorism. Not the price of gasoline. Not the national debt.  Not the mandates of ObamCare.  We’re having a national debate about contraception.  Republicans have been framed as anti-contraception and as too far out of the mainstream to be a relevant political party.

Republicans could have framed this debate in context of their commitment to repeal ObamaCare if the law is not overturned by the Supreme Court.  Instead they got into a national debate over contraception that will hamper, if not destroy, their chances of winning the White House and/or the Senate, even if the Court overturns ObamaCare.

Republicans in Washington and on the presidential campaign trail need to stop talking about contraception.  They don’t have the votes to stop what Obama is doing.  If they keep doing what they are doing, they never will.

It’s the economy, stupid.

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