Keyport Councilman Clem Toglia Passes Away At 53


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Keyport Councilman Clemente Toglia passed away yesterday.   He was 53 years old.

Former Keyport Mayor Bob McLeod said Toglia had a heart attack while driving home from his office at Dominion Financial Group in Tinton Falls.

“He was a vibrant young man, ” McLeod said,”friendly, started of couple a businesses, played in a band, self-employed.”

Tinton Falls Police confirmed that Togila was involved in a two car accident on Shrewsbury Ave at about 3:30 yesterday afternoon.

He was pronounced dead at Riverview Medical Center in Red Bank at 4:34 PM.

Toglia was reelected to his second term on the Keyport Council last November.  He would have been sworn in today.

“Clem was an excellent man and an excellent public servant,” Mayor Harry Aumack said, “He was, a very good listener.  When he did speak up, everyone listened. He will be missed.”

Toglia is survived by his wife, Danielle.



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McLeod: “I did not enjoy being mayor”

photo courtesy keyportgop.org

photo courtesy keyportgop.org

Former Keyport Mayor Bob McLeod said he resigned for “personal reasons” and that he did not enjoy the job.  Having served for 2 years, 2 1/2 months, McLeod told MoreMonmouthMusings that he was thinking of resigning and talking to his friends about doing so for quite some time.  His term would have expired at the end of 2014.  He had long ago decided not to seek a second term.


“Like many municipalities, there are entrenched fiefdoms who fight change tooth and nail.  As a retired judge, I felt the borough should be managed according to the law,” said McLeod, “I’m not talking criminal law, but the procedural manner in which the law says things should be done.”


Now fully retired at the age of 66 (as of next Friday), McLeod intends to spend his time traveling in his RV and writing a memoir of his father’s life. He resigned from all of his municipal legal positions in 2008 and from the bar in 2010. McLeod was the GOP nominee for the House of Representatives from New Jersey’s 6th district in 2008.


Keyport’s GOP committee now has 30 days to submit three candidates to replace McLeod to the borough coucil.  The council, which is 4-2 Democratic, chooses the new mayor from those three candidates.  The new mayor serves until the results of a special election in November are certified.

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BREAKING NEWS: Keyport Mayor Bob McLeod Resigns

MMM has learned that Keyport Mayor Robert McLeod, a Republican, submitted a letter of resignation to the Borough Clerk this afternoon at 4:15, to become effective at 5PM.

No word yet on what McLeod accomplished during his last 45 minutes in office.


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James Hogan Is Hanging It Up

By Art Gallagher

Four years ago a young software engineer from Long Branch decided to serve his country and attempt to right the wrongs of Washington by running for Congress against Frank Pallone.

At the time I described James Hogan as Motivated, Dedicated and Completely Out of His Mind.

Jim was shunned by the Monmouth GOP back in 2008.  He wasn’t allowed into the nominating convention that awarded the 6th district line to Bob McLeod and the U.S. Senate line to Andrew Unanue.

Hogan lost the primary to McLeod.  Rather than go away angry, or stay around angry, Hogan volunteered for McLeod’s futile effort to unseat Pallone.  He started a blog, became the ideal county committee member,  and volunteered his time, talent, good humor and good nature to Monmouth County and Long Branch GOPs.

Sadly for America, but happily for his family and employer, Hogan has regained his mind and lost his motivation to change the world.  He announced today that he is closing his blog and will not seek another term on the county committee from Long Branch.

I wish my friend well.  He knows he is always welcome to contribute here.  He has his own access to MMM.  I look forward to the day when something moves him to write and he surprises me with a post that makes me laugh while exposing an infuriating circumstance of government malfeasance.

Godspeed my friend.  Make money.  Enjoy your family. Enjoy your life.

And I’ve been meaning to tell you, you’re not really that ugly.

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Who Should Challenge Pallone?

nj-new-6th-district-mapThe filing deadline is April 2.

With all the attention and excitement being paid to Joe Kyrillo’s U.S. Senate candidacy and a new map that most think makes Frank Pallone even harder to beat, there is little if any talk about a GOP candidate in the 6th Congressional District.

So let’s throw some names out there and have then have a poll.   I start with names that come to mind.  Please add names in the comments. Over the weekend I’ll create a poll.  

Former Highlands Mayor Anna Little

Selika Josiah Gore, Marlboro

Matawan Councilwoman Toni Marie Angelini

Matawan Councilman Tom Fitzsimmons

Assemblywoman Amy Handlin

Atlantic Highlands Councilman Peter Doyle

Keyport Mayor Bob McLeod

Former Middletown Committeeman Tom Wilkens

Middletown Mayor Tony Fiore

Hazlet Committeeman Scott Aagre

James Hogan of Long Branch

Oceanport Councilman Joe Irace

Former Freeholder Bill Barham

Former Assemblyman, triCityNews Publisher Dan Jacobson

Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno

Freeholder Director John Curley

Who else?

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