Who Should Challenge Pallone?

nj-new-6th-district-mapThe filing deadline is April 2.

With all the attention and excitement being paid to Joe Kyrillo’s U.S. Senate candidacy and a new map that most think makes Frank Pallone even harder to beat, there is little if any talk about a GOP candidate in the 6th Congressional District.

So let’s throw some names out there and have then have a poll.   I start with names that come to mind.  Please add names in the comments. Over the weekend I’ll create a poll.  

Former Highlands Mayor Anna Little

Selika Josiah Gore, Marlboro

Matawan Councilwoman Toni Marie Angelini

Matawan Councilman Tom Fitzsimmons

Assemblywoman Amy Handlin

Atlantic Highlands Councilman Peter Doyle

Keyport Mayor Bob McLeod

Former Middletown Committeeman Tom Wilkens

Middletown Mayor Tony Fiore

Hazlet Committeeman Scott Aagre

James Hogan of Long Branch

Oceanport Councilman Joe Irace

Former Freeholder Bill Barham

Former Assemblyman, triCityNews Publisher Dan Jacobson

Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno

Freeholder Director John Curley

Who else?

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38 Comments on “Who Should Challenge Pallone?”

  1. Justified Right said at 5:14 pm on February 2nd, 2012:

    I see the usual smugness of Monmouth County politics that the southern part of the County doesn’t exist is alive and well.

    The best you could do for us down here is Dan Jacobson?

  2. ArtGallagher said at 5:21 pm on February 2nd, 2012:


    From the southern part of the district, in addition to Jacobson I have Irace, Hogan, Barham and Gore.

    If you still lived in Asbury Park, I would have included you.

    Add to the list.

  3. James Hogan said at 6:30 pm on February 2nd, 2012:

    Art, while making the seat a Monmouth County Republican seat is a great effort worth undertaking, is there/are there any candidates from the northern part of the district that might be able to bring support in those towns?

    Former assembly candidate Marcia Silva lives in South River (I think) but I think SR is just outside of the district these days? And while you COULD run and NOT live in the district, having someone from within the district is my personal preference. Anyone else up there that you are aware of/has any kind of support/base?

    I noticed Gooch is NOT on your list.

    If I may offer some $0.02 opinions to pretend I’m both relevant and important….

    I know others have problems with Anna Little, she’s too this or that or voted this way or that way… at the end of the day, if I go ask an average Republican voter in the area about Anna Little, I suspect MOST only know of her/remember her as a positive, hardworking campaigner from 2010. The numbnuts, if I may borrow from the Gov, like us who have nothing better to do than sit here like old hens
    have some little (valid I think) beefs with her, but it doesn’t change that she HAD great support and I firmly believe if she could find a few key players to help, she could run again, carry most of that name recognition and support among the general population that she had before, and maybe win this time. Ignore the non-sense, she’ll get to DC and vote down the party line every time, same as any other freshman R is going to do. She’s not going there, nor is anyone else self included, to turn things around all by her lonesome. I have no problem supporting her, for Congress, again.

    Selika is a great mention. In Monmouth County circles she’s reasonably well known. She’s intelligent, has a great smile and is fun to be around/has a common person attitude, is approachable/likable. I have no idea where she stands on anything but she’ll 1) get a website 😉 and 2) vote down the party line in DC anyway (see above). With no disrespect/in a nice way — I suspect that she also has a certain appeal to the northern half of the district as well as the southern half of the district ie, my hometown of Long Branch or down in Asbury. The only trouble I see here is that it gives Pallone a good reason to go to Marlboro and spend money there and that could come back to bite us later as it could raise the profile of the Ds already there making them a threat to county/state elections in the future.

    Mayor Fiore is a great candidate with a good record. I suspect he could do well but I don’t know anything about him personally nor do I know how far his fundraising goes — in fairness — Anna Little did well in 2010 with Little fundraising compared to Pallone. Middletown being so large, I suspect his detractors will be out in force — the good news again being – they are out in force year after year and Middletown Ds are about as influential as Long Branch Rs.

    Freeholder Curley is a homerun of a candidate, but correct me if I’m wrong, he’d have to not run for Freeholder in order to run for Congress, right? Seems risky to me – if I lost John to Congress I’d be ok with that, but if I lose John as a Freeholder and then still have Pallone, I’m a bit disappointed.

    Toni Angelini is also a great candidate. Again, with no disrespect to anyone – I think she too has a a certain appeal to many voters 😉 😉 but more important, I suspect that she has a good fundraising and support network both in the county, the district and in Trenton. Again, no idea where she stands on anything, but again, I’m willing to believe that a freshman Congresswoman is going to vote down the party line every time and in 10-20 years when she’s the big shot/long timer in DC, then I’ll worry if she’s trying to take my guns, murder babies and force healthcare upon me…. for 2012, the goal should be to get rid of Pallone who has been a disaster for our nation for the past 24 years.

    The Lt. Gov is also a great pick. She has name recognition among Republican voters and extending that to Is would be a simple task as Is are still happy with Christie and his team. She has a good fundraising and support network and a good platform to work from. Plus, not if, but WHEN, Gov Christie decides to call Willard and Newton out as the tarnished and unelectable candidates that they are and run for POTUS THIS YEAR himself — a Christie/Kyrillos/Guadagno ticket at the top in NJ would be a sure win for Republicans.

    For the record, while I appreciate the mention among such a great list of serious candidates, I’m not going to be a candidate this year and I could only dream of having the record of accomplishments that many in this list already have.

  4. Monroe Reps said at 6:58 pm on February 2nd, 2012:

    Selika would be great. She brings intelligence, street smarts, and warmth. Everything that is needed in the Congress.

  5. Tom Stokes said at 7:18 pm on February 2nd, 2012:

    What about a Mark Falzon or Barbara Gonzalez, two Tea Party activists?

  6. Freespeaker1976 said at 7:40 pm on February 2nd, 2012:

    ABA – Any Body But Anna Sounds Like A Start.


    Barbara Gonzalez – Doubtful She Could Raise The Money

    Curley Or The Lt. Governor Would Be Great, But Doubtful They Would Want It

    Oh, And Good Luck On That Christie/Kyrillos/Kim G. Ticket, Jimbo 🙂

    See You Sunday

  7. Rick Ambrosia said at 7:43 pm on February 2nd, 2012:

    It really doesn’t matter. They will lose no matter what. It will only be an excercise in ego…not that that has stopped any other republican from trying. But hey, can you name one person who tried to unseat the Congressman other than Anna Little? As to Fiore, well, lets just say that the powers that be will not be nominating any thugs this year.

  8. Bob English said at 8:11 pm on February 2nd, 2012:

    Plenty of great people mentioned by James Hogan and Art especially Joe Irace and John Curley. I would argue however that the majority of voters in the district are not looking to send someone to DC to vote the straight Republican line especially if that line is the one followed by the far right Tea Party Republicans in the House who are more concerned about oaths taken to Grover Norquist than getting something accomplished on the deficit.

  9. monmouth girl said at 8:38 pm on February 2nd, 2012:

    How about former Assemblyman Steve Corodemus or current Assemblyman Rob Clifton

  10. James Hogan said at 11:20 pm on February 2nd, 2012:

    mon girl — AFAIK — Corodemus ran back in the early 00s and was defeated by a very large margin. In fact, if memory serves, it wasn’t even a close contest and may have been Pallone’s largest margin of victory; Art might know/have the details or I’m sure Rick will be happy to rub the numbers in our faces. I’d suspect if the party wants “a name to fill the slot on the ballot ” *maybe* Steve would donate his name (again) and put on the show, but I don’t know that he’d really run a campaign to win, or have the platform/base to run a campaign and even try to win. Of course I have been wrong once or twice before and for whatever it’s worth — I’d volunteer for Steve and I’d think he has a lot of support, or could build a lot of support, from those of us who really try to pay attention, but I don’t know that he has the name recognition or support among average voters that Kim or John (or Anna) might have, and I’m guessing it’ll be the Independent/average voter that the Republican candidate will need to be able to earn a vote from in a presidential election year with Oh-Man at the top of the ticket. I also suspect that if Joe K really wants to win that Senate seat, he’s probably already poking around looking for well qualified candidates in each CD who can help bring some votes to the line in November.

    In any case — if this does become another year where the party is going to just run the name of a nice guy willing to take one for the team and be the face of a losing/non-effort, I’d honestly hope and expect that someone, anyone, who really cares about the problems we face as a nation will step up and be willing to stand for something, even if they don’t stand a chance of winning. With no disrespect to Bob or those who nominated him back in 08, IMO Bob was kind enough to fill in for the party but didn’t seem to really have any kind of passion and desire to win or really get out in front of an issue and work hard for votes. WAY BACK then, I had the time, energy and will to try to stand for something, so I got my petition signatures, knocked on doors, caused a minor stir among 10 people… and lost, but I had a blast, learned some things and I think maybe even found a few like-minded people who shared a similar passion and set of concerns in the process. I even found a new respect (and in some ways a new dis-respect) for candidates, voters, elected representatives, etc. So if it looks like we’re going to just throw a name on the ballot because no one really WANTS to run, then I’d really hope that one of you reading this who are as much an AverageNoOne cubicle junkie as I am with no political experience to speak of will run for Congress yourself. Call me, I’ll drive to your house and be the first to sign a petition for you. If you ask nicely and show some real passion, I might even be willing to walk your petition door to door and get you some other signatures for you. Just assume that I’ll probably even offer some backhanded compliment, and ask if you’re an NRA or GOA member, somewhere along the way.

    If I may offer another name to the list…. I’m not sure what street he happens to live on or where exactly the lines are drawn…. does former Middletown Mayor, former Sheriff, current Monmouth County Chairman and future father to be Joe Oxley happen to live in CD6? 🙂 Hi Joe! 🙂

  11. Reality said at 6:53 am on February 3rd, 2012:

    You could run Jesus Christ as a Republican and he would still loose in that district.

    Art, like you said, we have a tremendous amount of well qualified candidates in Monmouth County to challenge Frank Pallone. (I have to disagree on some who shouldn’t be on the list)

    But here’s the problem. The new district has all of Woodbridge. Here’s the other problem, the Republican organization is fractured there. You have the extremist trying to over take everything in a center left town. Its a small group of people trying to make everyone else think the way they do because they think they’re right and they want everyone to think their way.

    You really want to beat Frank Pallone…get a Hispanic Republican Woman to challenge him; he will have to through the Democrat play book right out the window and he won’t know how to attack her without alienating a large voting block in his new district. And once we find that nominee, have her start hitting the streets of Perth Amboy, door to door, speaking to them in Spanish, setting up soup kitchens for them. Food works. Feed someone’s empty stomach, they will love you forever. Its a dirty game of politics, but at the end of the day, those who play the dirtiest are the ones that win.

    We can assure Mr. Pallone a 70-30 victory if we put someone on the ticket that is “Tea Party Approved” Tea Party does NOT sit well with the voters of Middlesex County. Tea Party Activist really want to defeat Pallone, take a back seat and just go door to door and make phone calls. Keep your flags AWAY from the nominee. And then maybe, the nominee would have a shot.

  12. No Bob English - You Are Wrong said at 7:58 am on February 3rd, 2012:

    The Tea Party Is More Concerned About Not Spending Your Great Grand Child’s Money & Is Concerned About Following The Constitution.

    Your derisive attack on Norquist just shows that you are spouting the Democrat talking points, which is really hypocritical.

  13. Now THIS, I Really Like said at 8:03 am on February 3rd, 2012:

    “You really want to beat Frank Pallone…get a Hispanic Republican Woman to challenge him; he will have to through the Democrat play book right out the window and he won’t know how to attack her without alienating a large voting block in his new district.”

  14. James Hogan said at 8:08 am on February 3rd, 2012:

    Marcia Silva.

  15. Bob English said at 8:15 am on February 3rd, 2012:

    No Bob English: If you don’t like the way I stated it, look at the end of “Reality’s” post.

    I think 70-30 would be about right if someone ran as a Tea Party candidate taking the positions of the extreme right members of the House. But I could be wrong so give Michelle Bachmann a call and ask her to spend some time in the district with the party nominee and see how that works out, lol.

  16. Simple Logic said at 11:54 am on February 3rd, 2012:

    What about Councilwoman Carol Mazzola of Marlboro?

  17. Monmouth Girl said at 12:07 pm on February 3rd, 2012:


    Time to do a poll!

    Anna Little
    Selika Josiah Gore
    Matawan Councilwoman Toni Marie Angelini
    Matawan Councilman Tom Fitzsimmons
    Assemblywoman Amy Handlin
    Assemblyman Rob Clifton
    Atlantic Highlands Councilman Peter Doyle
    Keyport Mayor Bob McLeod
    Former Middletown Committeeman Tom Wilkens
    Middletown Mayor Tony Fiore
    Hazlet Committeeman Scott Aagre
    James Hogan of Long Branch
    Oceanport Councilman Joe Irace
    Former Freeholder Bill Barham
    Former Assemblyman, triCityNews Publisher Dan Jacobson
    Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno
    Freeholder Director John Curley
    Former Assemblyman Steve Corodemus
    Marlboro Councilwoman Carol Mazzola
    Marcia Silva
    Mark Falzon
    Barbara Gonzalez

  18. Justified Right said at 12:31 pm on February 3rd, 2012:

    You don’t have to live there to run there, Art.

    Doesn’t Pallone pretty much live in DC now anyway?

  19. Charles M said at 2:52 pm on February 3rd, 2012:

    I would like to see the these guys get in the race.

    Freeholder Director John Curley

    James Hogan of Long Branch

    Middletown Mayor Tony Fiore

    Oceanport Councilman Joe Irace

  20. Charles M said at 2:59 pm on February 3rd, 2012:

    I would like to ad someone to your list Art

    Brian Cahill Old Bridge Township
    Council President & Councilman at Large
    Proudly serving 67,000 residents

  21. Monmouth Girl said at 3:04 pm on February 3rd, 2012:

    Art add them to the list and let’s vote!

  22. MiddlesexMan said at 3:07 pm on February 3rd, 2012:

    Brian is a great guy – but it looks like Old Bridge is cut in half – so only 33,500 strong

  23. TeaPartyDem said at 3:11 pm on February 3rd, 2012:

    I have been expending some efforts preparing to run against Pallone in the DEM primary. I have most of the campaign in place except an FEC certified treasurer. Someone who is, Dem or GOP please step up ASAP. HELP!! With help we can knock him out in a traditionally very poor turnout primary. I am an older scamp and even have a few aces up my sleeve. We can do this.
    If Pallone can be beaten it is in a primary.

    Contact Art and he will reach me.

  24. Tom Stokes said at 3:21 pm on February 3rd, 2012:

    Tea Party Dem …. I’ll give you a call.

  25. TeaPartyDem? said at 3:49 pm on February 3rd, 2012:

    What is a Tea party Dem? Is that akin to kosher bacon?

  26. Tom Stokes said at 4:07 pm on February 3rd, 2012:

    A Tea Party Dem is one who is a sane, rational, reasonable individual who believes in the Constitution and wants to liberate the democrat party from its leftist captors.

    I wish Tea Party Dem well.

    All Lovers of Liberty should help the Tea Party Dem.

  27. Monmouth Girl said at 4:30 pm on February 3rd, 2012:

    So we try to help him beat Frank in June and then try to beat him in November?

  28. FrankPalloneNotForNJ said at 6:31 pm on February 3rd, 2012:

    Poll here Go vote!

  29. Justified Right said at 6:33 pm on February 3rd, 2012:

    Looks like some on here are too young to remember Reagan Democrats.

    Good luck, Tea Party Dem.

  30. For once, said at 6:45 pm on February 3rd, 2012:

    agree with Rick: sadly, nobody’ll beat ol’ Flatfoot, and no one afraid of losing will risk it, either, which is mostly all of them on that list.. now, should the dear boy be gone for some reason, the whole lot’d trample over one another to grab it, brave sould that they are (not)…. as that’s not likely, let’s pick other winnable battles and try for one or two new seats, also unlikely, in this ridiculous state.. and p.s., where IS Mrs.Gooch, this time?..

  31. Reality check 2 said at 7:24 pm on February 3rd, 2012:

    Ok. I am a registered Republican, pay attention daily to the news, read Politickernj about once a week, lifelong Monmouth County resident, a Middletowner who found Art’s blog and admit checking it regularly as it makes me feel like I am ” on the inside” of the County GOP. I am interested in politics talk to friends VOTE but life in my mid 30s with young kids etc does not allow for more involvement. SO. As to list: 1. All have heard of Anna Little strangeness. The fact she set up 2012 US Senate website bizarre, not a choice. 2. I however never heard of Gore, Angelini Fitzsimmons, Doyle, Aagre. I see that that they are on council in small towns —- how does that make them viable when in the past Joe Kyrillos and Steve Corodemus serving at state level got beat? Who are they what resumes professionally ? If I as more of the regular R have no clue as to who they are —-unless they are $$ people like Sipprelle Gooch then may make sense —– where did these names come from? Clue me in on this.
    3. Looking at new map I agree with Hogan. — female Hispanic from Middlesex and then somehow see how $$ can be raised.

  32. MISC. COMMENTS said at 7:43 pm on February 3rd, 2012:

    1) Frank Pallone Not For NJ – The Poll Was A Waste Of Time. Not Grounded In Reality, Not Enough Real Possibilities. John Curley Will NOT Be A Candidate Now Or In The Near Future

    2) Tea Party Dem – I Applaud You For Wanting To Try. With All Due Respect, Good Luck With That. Frank Pallone Has A Rumored $4 Million In The Bank. Rule Of Thumb, One Need’s Double To Unseat An Entrenched Incumbent.

    3) Reality Check 2 – Angelini Is The Sitting NJ Assemblywoman In The Shore Area. What Gives Her A Name Up Is That She’s A Moderate In A Congressional District That Votes For Liberal Frank, Might Raise Some Money, But Again; Like John Curley; Doubt She Wants To Go To DC

  33. FrankPalloneNotForNJ said at 8:10 pm on February 3rd, 2012:


    The poll is a collection of the names being discussed here, it shows who the people would like to see run.

    Pallone hasn’t seen a real primary challenge in years. Having him lose the primary is a possibility. If nothing else it will waste his time and energy and resources, making him weaker in a general election.

  34. Bob English said at 10:19 pm on February 3rd, 2012:

    Back to reality, Pallone is not going to lose a primary. A primary challanger would get no support from mainstream D’s and on a good day be lucky to get 15-20 percent of the vote.

  35. Bucksaflyin in Marlboro said at 11:27 pm on February 3rd, 2012:

    while I tend to agree with Arts selection, I happen to have heard Selika Josiah Gore say that she will never run as she is very happy working and quite busy raising her family. I hope she changes her mind, but knowing Selika; I highly doubt it.

  36. Think said at 7:00 am on February 4th, 2012:

    @MISC. COMMENTS, the Angelini Art is referring to is Toni Angelini, she is the sitting Council President in Matawan.

    I also need to second Bucksaflyin in Marlboro’s comments.

    I think the person we’re thinking about to challenge Pallone is not in Monmouth County.

  37. MoreMonmouthMusings » Blog Archive » Poll: Who should challenge Frank Pallone? said at 8:19 am on February 4th, 2012:

    […] Thank you to all who participated in the design of this poll. […]

  38. OK THINK On Angelini - I Got That Wrong- Thanks said at 9:05 am on February 4th, 2012:

    @Frank Pallone Not For NJ.

    Poll still not grounded in reality no matter who people think should run.

    No disrespect intended, but let’s get serious. If we are not going to try and put serious names forward, we are just “p–ing in the wind” and not bother putting anyone other than a sacrificial lamb forward.

    And Bob English is right, Pallone is NOT going to loose to a primary challenger.