N.J. must recognize marijuana’s medicinal value, court says

TRENTON — State and federal law classified marijuana as one of the most dangerous drugs more than 45 years ago, citing its “high potential for abuse” and a lack of medical value. But a groundbreaking decision by a state appeals court on Tuesday said the Christie administration must revisit marijuana’s legal standing under state law because… Read the rest of this entry »

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Op-Ed: The Opioid-Addiction Industrial Complex – America’s Dirty Secret

Scott Rudder Turn on any radio or television channel and you will hear a report or an advertisement about the opioid addiction crisis in New Jersey and across the United States. If you continue to stay tuned to that channel, you will hear an advertisement promoting a prescription drug to help you with your pain issues.… Read the rest of this entry »

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N.J. judge: Mother can’t bring medical marijuana to her child at school

assetContent (65)TRENTON — The mother of a teenage New Jersey girl with epilepsy cannot come to school to feed her daughter cannabis oil that has helped control her seizures, a state judge ruled Tuesday, saying state and federal drug possession laws trump their right to use medical marijuana on school grounds. This is the third legal defeat… Read the rest of this entry »

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THC or treat? Halloween tips include watching out for pot candy

potcandy1111-300x200PUBLIC SAFETY: Time for some basic trick-or-treating tips for parents this Halloween: Reflective costumes or clothing for your youngsters, along with a flashlight or glow stick, are smart; Remind them to use crosswalks, be careful on or near roadways and not run – an uneven sidewalk can do serious damage; Inspect candy, of course – toss… Read the rest of this entry »
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Would Easier Access to Medical Marijuana Reduce Opioid Deaths in NJ?

Medical Marijuana Club Seeks Site In Fisherman's Wharf
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Pot Now Legal in Colorado | A Milestone for Marijuana… Now What?

Pot Now Legal in Colorado | A Milestone for Marijuana… Now What? (via Wall Street Journal Digital Network)

Pot smokers cheered the first official day of legal recreational pot use in Colorado. What’s next in the wind for the drug? “High Times” cultivation editor Danny Danko joins the News Hub. (Photo: AP) Click here to subscribe to our channel: http://bit…

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Atlantic City’s winning formula

Is anyone surprised that New Jersey’s efforts to revitalize Atlantic City are failing?

The news that AC’s latest hope for revival, Revel, is on the verge of bankruptcy and foreclosure is no shock.   As Trump’s multiple bankruptcies over the years demonstrated, casino lenders are the biggest losers, next to bussed in seniors lured by a free roll of quarters, in AC.

Vice has always been the key to Atlantic City’s economic viability.  For good reason.  The place is a dump.  You have to drive through a swamp to get there.   It is very inconvenient.  The lure of doing something enjoyable that is forbidden elsewhere has been the key to Atlantic City’s economy since the days of Nucky Thompson.

Now that legalized gambling is available in more convenient places and liquor is legal most everywhere, Atlantic City is doomed, unless it comes up with a new vice to make available.

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Yo Christie! Don’t be like Corzine!

By Jay Lassiter, on January 26, 2012, cross posted on Blue Jersey

In August of 2008, Multiple Sclerosis patient John Ray Wilson of Franklin Township, NJ, was arrested for growing medical cannabis in his backyard. According to news reports, Mr. Wilson was:

“charged with ‘manufacturing’ 17 marijuana plants that he used to treat his Multiple Sclerosis. Wilson faced 20 years in state prison for this crime. At trial, Superior Court Judge Robert Reed would not let the jury hear the reason that Wilson grew the marijuana plants, essentially removing Wilson’s only defense.


Four years after his arrest (and two years after NJ’s medical marijuana law was signed) John Ray Wilson — currently out on appeal — was ordered to return to prison TOMORROW to serve out his 5 year term.

Senator Raymond Lesniak, who was a chief proponent of New Jersey’s medical marijuana law, had this appeal to Gov. Chris Christie:

“I am disappointed by the recent decision of the Supreme Court to deny the appeal of John Ray Wilson. He was merely trying to alleviate the symptoms of a dreadfully painful and regressive disease. It is unconscionable that this Friday he will be behind bars. Three years ago, I called on Gov. Corzine to commute the sentence of Mr. Wilson. After inaction with the last governor, I was hopeful Gov. Christie would better understand the unfair reality of this situation. Unfortunately, Gov. Christie has been just like Corzine, refusing to use his and only his power to make things right when the true intentions of the law were misapplied. (Ironically) before John Ray Wilson completes his prison sentence, the State of NJ will have its medical marijuana program up and running, and Mr. Wilson may likely be using medical marijuana behind bars or the prescription pain killers he couldn’t afford, paid for by the state’s taxpayers. Governor Christie should commute his sentence immediately.”


Chris Goldstein from the Coalition for Medical Marijuana in NJ wonders,”how many more seriously ill residents are we going to send to prison? We call on Governor Chris Christie to demonstrate his compassion for qualifying medical marijuana patients and his commitment to a new stance on non-violent drug offenders by issuing a pardon for John Ray Wilson.”


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O’Scanlon’s Legislation Will Stop Local Anti-Medical Marijuana Laws

“These facilities will provide no more of a threat to communities than a CVS, I would have no problem with one being located near my home.” ~ Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon

Saying, “It’s the right thing to do,” Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon told MMM that he will introduce legislation that will prevent municipalities from from using zoning ordinances to thwart state approved medical marijuana farms and dispensaries from being located within their boundaries.

“Communities fears about medical marijuana facilities are not justified by the facts,” said O’Scanlon, ” as a result, many patients are continuing to suffer needlessly. It’s time for that nonsense to stop.”

O’Scanlon’s bill will empower municipalities to approve the facilities safety plan,  including a requirement of 27/7 manned security.

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Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini, R-Monmouth, said she will introduce legislation that will make it illegal to grow and harvest medical marijuana on preserved farmland. On Thursday, the State Agriculture Department Committee (SADC) released a statement indicating medical marijuana is considered an agricultural crop and could be grown on a preserved farm after the issue was raised by residents of Upper Freehold Township.

SADC’s stated position on the matter is not considered to be an action by the committee, which could be vetoed by Governor Christie.

“As I have previously stated, the implications of the medical marijuana law will be far-reaching, and the statement issued by the SADC on Thursday is a prime example,” said Angelini. “The federal government says marijuana is illegal while we have a state statute that would permit its growth on protected farmland. A community that has focused on preserving open space should not have their efforts countermanded. We are experiencing many twists and turns as to how this law will be executed.

“I believe Upper Freehold Township has raised an important public policy question that is a by-product of the new law,” continued Angelini, who serves as executive director of a nonprofit agency that provides substance abuse prevention programs to youth in Monmouth County. “This legislation will ensure that a municipality’s goal to preserve and protect open space can be achieved and maintained and that we continue to make every effort to control how medical marijuana is manufactured.”

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