Would Easier Access to Medical Marijuana Reduce Opioid Deaths in NJ?

Medical Marijuana Club Seeks Site In Fisherman's Wharf

Colleen L. Barry, associate professor of health policy and management at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore. States with laws allowing medical marijuana had reduced rates of opioid overdose deaths, according to a study cited by advocates who say New Jersey should expand access to its own program. The 10 states that…

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2 Comments on “Would Easier Access to Medical Marijuana Reduce Opioid Deaths in NJ?”

  1. Just a guess: said at 8:17 pm on September 8th, 2014:

    that’d be a no!..in a state where we are the most densely populated, running into each other all the time, all we need is kids stealing/using grandma’ s/ dad’s “medicine-pot” more readily, and even more folks getting behind the wheel, causing even more chaos/ accidents/ deaths on the packed NJ roads..many studies emphasize that the strains of this drug today are much stronger than your grandad/ dad’s concert- enhancing pot of the 60’s- and yes, in many cases, it is a gateway drug, leading many to doing the more dangerous highs, ultimately, anyway.. Do I think this dumb, lib state will legalize it soon? Sure.. Is it among the worst things that can/ will be another self- inflicted wound we dump on ourselves? Absolutely!.. Just another reason to get the hell out of here-IMHO, we are just a few baby steps from the ongoing California and Colorado destruction.. Pathetic.

  2. And, ps: said at 8:24 pm on September 8th, 2014:

    if this is so great for pain, then, forget the taxes/ revenue the governmental behemoth really wants from this sham, then why is it not produced/ distributed in a pill or injectible form, as are most prescription “medicines?”.. And, finally, how do you explain away the disgusting and arguably, more detrimental smoke others, especially kids, will obviously ingest,from those smoking it? Are you now telling me all the “non- smoking” rules will not apply to this drug?? Bull- I don’t want to breathe in anyone else’s smoke, of any type!