Yo Christie! Don’t be like Corzine!

By Jay Lassiter, on January 26, 2012, cross posted on Blue Jersey

In August of 2008, Multiple Sclerosis patient John Ray Wilson of Franklin Township, NJ, was arrested for growing medical cannabis in his backyard. According to news reports, Mr. Wilson was:

“charged with ‘manufacturing’ 17 marijuana plants that he used to treat his Multiple Sclerosis. Wilson faced 20 years in state prison for this crime. At trial, Superior Court Judge Robert Reed would not let the jury hear the reason that Wilson grew the marijuana plants, essentially removing Wilson’s only defense.


Four years after his arrest (and two years after NJ’s medical marijuana law was signed) John Ray Wilson — currently out on appeal — was ordered to return to prison TOMORROW to serve out his 5 year term.

Senator Raymond Lesniak, who was a chief proponent of New Jersey’s medical marijuana law, had this appeal to Gov. Chris Christie:

“I am disappointed by the recent decision of the Supreme Court to deny the appeal of John Ray Wilson. He was merely trying to alleviate the symptoms of a dreadfully painful and regressive disease. It is unconscionable that this Friday he will be behind bars. Three years ago, I called on Gov. Corzine to commute the sentence of Mr. Wilson. After inaction with the last governor, I was hopeful Gov. Christie would better understand the unfair reality of this situation. Unfortunately, Gov. Christie has been just like Corzine, refusing to use his and only his power to make things right when the true intentions of the law were misapplied. (Ironically) before John Ray Wilson completes his prison sentence, the State of NJ will have its medical marijuana program up and running, and Mr. Wilson may likely be using medical marijuana behind bars or the prescription pain killers he couldn’t afford, paid for by the state’s taxpayers. Governor Christie should commute his sentence immediately.”


Chris Goldstein from the Coalition for Medical Marijuana in NJ wonders,”how many more seriously ill residents are we going to send to prison? We call on Governor Chris Christie to demonstrate his compassion for qualifying medical marijuana patients and his commitment to a new stance on non-violent drug offenders by issuing a pardon for John Ray Wilson.”


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Is Gay Marriage A Simple Issue?

In the New Jersey’s 11th legislative district, which comprises much of Monmouth County, 6 of the 7 candidates vying for 3 seats, one in the Senate and two in the Assembly, have come out in favor of same sex marriage.  Two of the candidates, Republicans Senator Jennifer Beck and Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini said they would break with their party and vote to override Governor Christie’s veto of a same sex marriage if given the opportunity.

Republican Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande has corrected the widely held perception that she would vote against gay marriage by saying only that she hasn’t publicly taken a position on the issue.   She said her focus has been on fiscal issues and that she would need to study the civil union law before taking a stand on gay marriage.

Casagrande’s refusal to take a position on the politically expedient schedule of Garden State Equality has drawn criticism from her opponent Dan Jacobson and others.  Jacobson said the issue has already been hotly debated and the issue should be simple.

Casagrande says it’s not so simple, “I haven’t seen a bill,” said Casagrande,  “What about protections for religious institutions?  If the issue is so simple, why did Steve Sweeney vote no and then change his mind later?”

If the issue was really simple, Blue Jersey blogger Jay Lassiter, Save Jersey Blogger-in-Chief Matt Rooney and I would not have been able to spend over 40 minutes discussing it on the radio yesterday.

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The issue is not simple to me.  I believe that all people should have equal rights under the law.  I don’t believe that homosexuals are deviant or immoral.  I believe homosexuals are the way God made them.  I created an exercise to demonstrate that sexual orientation is not a choice almost three years ago.  Check it out only if you’re willing to be disturbed.

Yet, I understand those who are morally opposed to gay marriage.  I understand the argument that marriage is an institution that was defined milleniums ago, before any government that currently exists on our planet was conceived.  I understand the desire of those who live their lives dedicated to or in aspiration of those traditions not to have their marriages redefined by a legislative body with an approval rating below 30%.

I suspect those who think the issue is simple, pro or con, think their opposites are just wrong.  I suspect many who think the issue is simple, pro or con, have little respect for and even have distain for those who disagree with them.  I think that is wrong.

Listen to the show, it you care about the issue.  It is an interesting and civil conversation between three smart people with differing views who found enough common ground that Lassiter suggested the three of us run for the legislature together.

The first 18 minutes of the show is Matt and I talking politics and a three minute break to fix some technical difficulties.  Jay joins us at the 18:20 mark.  In the last ten minutes of the show there is some good natured political sparring.

I hope that you are entertained and informed by the show, which was sponsored by Repatriot Radio.

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Real Jersey Bloggers On The Radio

This week’s Real Jersey Guys On The Radio Show will be different.

My partner former Senator Dick LaRossa has called in sick.

My young friend, Save Jersey founder Matt Rooney, has stepped up from being a guest to being the co-host.

After taking a year off from politics to work in the judicial branch of New Jersey government, Matt is back in the private sector practicing law and political punditry.  I’m glad he’s back.

Blue Jersey blogger Jay Lassiter will be calling in at about 5:15.  This will be a first for the show, being  joined  by a liberal Democrat, but it will be Real Jersey Radio.

You will want to hear it.  You will want to call in. We’ll be taking your calls at 609-447-0236.

The show is broadcast from 5PM-6PM on WIFI AM 1460 and here on the Internet.

The show is sponsored by Repatriot Radio.

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By Art Gallagher

I was privileged to join Murray Sabrin along with BlueJersey’s Jay Lassiter and Jeff Gardner as panelists on Michael Aron’s Reporters Roundtable on NJN.

The video is just under 27 minutes long.  The show will be broadcast on television Friday evening at 7PM and Sunday at 10am.

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Bloggers Featured on NJN

On the left, Jay Lassiter and Jeff Gardner of BlueJersey.com. Michael Aron of NJN, seated center. On the right, Art Gallagher and Murray Sabrin of MurraySabrin.com

On the left, Jay Lassiter and Jeff Gardner of BlueJersey.com. Michael Aron of NJN, seated center. On the right, Art Gallagher and Murray Sabrin of MurraySabrin.com

NJN’s Reporters Roundtable will be a bloggers roundtable this week.

I was privileged to join BlueJersey’s Jay Lassiter and Jeff Gardner, along with Murray Sabrin for the taping on Michael Aron’s weekly show this afternoon at NJN’s studio in Trenton.

The half hour show will air Friday evening at 7PM and Sunday morning at 10AM and be posted on NJN’s website on Monday the 29th.

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