New Jersey Constitutional Republicans Endorse Ciattarelli for Governor

J.R. Carman, founder of NJ Constitutional Republicans and Jack Ciattarelli, the presumptive GOP nominee for NJ Governor.

The New Jersey Constitutional Republicans, a 2500 member group of Republicans dedicated to educating the public and elected officials about the U.S. Constitution and how it protects Americans’ freedom, endorsed Jack Ciattarelli for New Jersey Governor today.

“Jack Ciattarelli met with the New Jersey Constitutional Republicans in 2017 and immediately impressed us with his ability to listen and learn from those he sought to represent as Governor,” said J.R. Carman, founder of the group.

“I have come to know Jack as a fellow admirer of our Party’s greatest leader, Abraham Lincoln, and I am confident in Jack’s ability to be a statesman; exemplifying prudence and dedicated to restoring the structure of our State Constitution as the essential vehicle in which to protect each citizen’s natural rights.

“I represent all New Jersey Constitutional Republicans in proudly supporting Jack and doing all we can to help him be New Jersey’s next Governor. We are confident that Jack has the mind, heart, and soul to bring the citizens of New Jersey together in restoring the appropriate gubernatorial responsibilities of the executive office in New Jersey. “

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One Comment on “New Jersey Constitutional Republicans Endorse Ciattarelli for Governor”

  1. Good. said at 5:25 pm on February 17th, 2021:

    Let’s go.. Jack, demand in- person voting now, or the Murph will swamp us again with more thousands of invalid mail- ins. GOP: wake up and speak up, because hello, you’re up, too!