Passaic County Republican Leaders Endorse Ciattarelli for Governor

Chairman Peter Murphy Calls for Party Unity  

Passaic County GOP Chairman Peter Murphy and Gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli

New jersey Republicans are beginning to rally around Jack Ciattarelli, the successful small businessman who retired early after selling his companies to dedicate himself to public service, as the Party standard bearer and candidate for Governor against Phil Murphy this year.

Following are statements from Passaic County Republican leader endorsing Jack:

Passaic County Chairman Peter Murphy: “While those of us in Passaic County appreciate Doug’s staunch commitment to the Republican Party, after his announcement last night,  it has become overwhelming clear that Jack Ciattarelli is the best candidate to lead our party in a new direction. Jack has my full support. It is time for our party to unite and focus on winning in November. It’s also time for all of the other declared candidates to drop out. We have the opportunity to coalesce around Jack, the best candidate in this race in terms of message, energy, fundraising and infrastructure. We can and we will beat Phil Murphy, but we need to come together first. Let’s go.”  

Senator Kristin Corrado: “Jack’s entire candidacy has been focused on one thing: defeating Phil Murphy. Like mine, Jack’s story is a New Jersey story, and our goal is to fix our broken state. During my time in the Senate, I have fought to lower our property taxes, improve our business climate, curb reckless spending and hold Phil Murphy accountable for his administrative incompetence. These are all things I know Jack will fight for as Governor. I’m proud to endorse him and look forward to running alongside him in November. Together, we’ll make sure Phil Murphy is ONE and DONE in ’21.”  

Passaic Vice Chair Joanie Walsh: “Over the past few years, I have witnessed Jack’s commitment to helping elect Republicans in Passaic County and all-around New Jersey. Now is the time for all Republicans to unite and focus on the one thing we can all agree upon — that Phil Murphy cannot be elected to a second term. Our Governor has done nothing but destroy livelihoods and take away our freedoms. Someone who said that ‘if taxes are your issue, we probably aren’t your state,’ or ‘the bill of rights is above my pay grade,’ does not deserve to be our Governor. Jack has my full support and endorsement.”  

Passaic County State Committeeman Matt Conlon “It should come as a surprise to no one in Passaic County that Jack Ciattarelli has my unconditional support for Governor. I care about Passaic County and I care about New Jersey. Phil Murphy has been an embarrassment to our state, governing by executive order since this pandemic has started with no regard for the effects of his unilateral decisions. Phil Murphy thinks he is ’saving lives’ but, in reality, he is destroying lives and livelihoods for so many New Jerseyans. Don’t take my word for it — just those who have lost loved ones in nursing homes or their businesses on Main Street while Phil Murphy is still rolling in the dough he made on Wall Street. We need a hands-on CEO, not an out-of-touch radical who wants to make New Jersey the “California of the East Coast.” I am proud to support Jack and look forward to helping our party pick up seats across the board in November.”  

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