Schmid gets crushed in APP debate with Smith

Stephanie Schmid, the truth challenged Democrat running against Congressman Chris Smith in the 4th congressional district, was once again exposed and a blatant liar this afternoon during a facebook live debate hosted by the Asbury Park Press.

In a lie worthy of MSNBC’s Brian Williams, Schmid took credit for the pandemic plan written during the George W. Bush administration and poorly implemented during the Obama administration during the SARS and Ebola outbreaks. “I was there,” the unemployed lawyer who lives with her mother in Little Silver proclaimed.

“Can I get you anything else?” Stephanie Schmid training for her post defeat career.

Schmid repeatedly invoked the HEROES Act, Nancy Pelosi’s pork laden faux $3 trillion stimulus bill that was twice passed in the House of Representatives with no Republican support or input, as evidence of Smith’s failure to vote against the repeal of the SALT deduction cap and against protecting healthcare for patients with pre-existing conditions.

Smith accurately called the Act a “messaging bill”–legislation that is never intended to become law but that Democrats pass so that they can criticize Republicans for voting against popular elements of the bill that they would support if not for the excess and objectionable items also included in the bill.

Upon voting ‘No’ on the first HEROES Act in May, Smith entered a statement denouncing the blatant partisan process of passing the 1800 page bill with no hearing or debate. It was another Pelosi, “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it” bill.

Smith specifically objected to parts of the May HEROES Act that would prohibit federal assistance to previously approved private schools.

The August HEROES Act that Schmid said she would have voted for, defunded $600 million for law enforcement and added $1200 stimulus payment to illegal immigrants.

During the APP debate, Smith repeatedly corrected Schmid’s lies, citing his votes against the SALT cap deduction and for insuring pre-existing conditions.

Smith specifically called Schmid out for one of her mailers that lie about his votes on the “age tax” and repealing Obama Care. The sources Schmid cites in her mailer state that Smith voted exactly opposite of how Schmid says he voted. Schmid doubled down, proclaiming that her mailers were perfectly researched and that she stands by them.

“You’re entitled to your opinions, as am I and any of us, to any issue under the sun,” Smith said. “But you’re not entitled to your own facts.” 

Schmid accused Smith of being against abortion even the the event of rape and incest and she arrogantly proclaimed, “you didn’t put that there” when Smith noted that he authored the language of the Hyde Amendment that allows federal funding of abortion in the event of rape and incest.

“My opponent would like taxpayers to be forced to pay for abortion on demand,” Smith said. “With the advent of ultrasounds, they’re seeing the baby inside the womb is sucking his or her thumb, doing somersaults,” he said. “Birth is an event that happens to all of us, but it’s not the beginning of life.”

Schmid angrily responded that “you have no right to say what a woman can do with her body.”

Schmid lied again after Smith called her out for bragging on youtube about defending criminal Transocean executives convicted of in the Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill.

Schmid said that in the second half of the youtube, that she was assigned to the case by her superiors and that she learned that she never wants that kind of a spill again. She said no such thing on the video:

Following her embarrassing performance during which she repeated scolded reporter Joe Strup for how he was conducting the forum, Schmid declared victory on social media with a fundraising appeal and went out for ice cream.

Stephanie’s reward

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