Oh Schmid!

Stephanie admits accepting illegal campaign contributions

Stephanie Schmid

Truth challenged congressional candidate lies to FEC about her $100K loan

Stephanie Schmid, the lawyer known for defending the human rights of criminal corporate polluters and for lying to Monmouth and Ocean County Democrats about her ability to raise money, has admitted to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) that she accepted campaign contributions from prohibited entities and that she accepted contributions that exceed the legal limit.

Schmid, a Bergen County native who moved to Little Silver to run for congress against Rep Chris Smith after residencies Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, Berkeley, CA and Tampa, FL, filed the first of five required responses to Requests for Addition Information from the FEC at 12:37 a.m. today.

The FEC has threatened audits and legal action against Schmid’s campaign.

In the response to the RFAI for the July quarterly report, Schmid’s campaign claimed they have refunded the illegal contributions and that the refunds will be reported in September quarterly report which is due next week.

The campaign’s explanation for misreporting the date that Schmid, who is unemployed and lives with her mother, personally loaned her campaign $100,000, is an unsustainable lie. They claim that the campaign treasurer was unaware that the loan was made in the second quarter, yet the treasurer filed a 48 hour report that included the loan with the FEC prior to filing the inaccurate third quarter report.

In her personal financial disclosure statement filed with the Clerk of the House of Representative last April, Schmid claimed she had liquid assets of between $51,000 and $401,000. If she did indeed fund the loan with her personal money, she has risked 25%-200% of her life’s savings in her folly of a race.

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