Schmid burns through her campaign kitty

Stephanie Schmid

Stephanie Schmid has burned through most of the money her ex-boyfriends gave her to try to win the Democrat nomination to take on Congressman Chris Smith the the 4th Congressional District.

NewJerseyGlobe reports that Schmid’s campaign kitty is down to
$51,806 as of June 17 and that she has spent $273,010 so far in her attempt to defeat Christine Marie Conforti and David Applefield in the July 7 vote by mail primary.

Conforti has spent less than $14,000 and appears to have the momentum that could carry her to an upset victory. Applefield spent $211,604, mostly his own money, through June 17, and has won the admiration of Conforti, if not the CD-4 Democrat voters.

Smith has raised $954,888 for his reelection campaign and has $647,469 in the bank, according to the NJGlobe report.

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