Rik Mehta wins U.S. Senate endorsement from Monmouth GOP

Dr. Rikin Mehta was endorsed by the Monmouth County Republican Committee for the GOP nomination to unseat Senator Cory Booker this morning at the committee’s annual nominating convention at iPlayAmerica in Freehold Township.

Mehta bested Natalie Rivera and Hirsh Singh, earning 56% (128) of the 230 votes cast. Rivera won the support of 32% (74) of the delegates and Singh 12% (28). 12 delegates present did not cast a vote in the U.S. Senate contest, according to parliamentarian John Lane.

The pharmaceutical entrepreneur/regulator and attorney is undefeated in County GOP contests after also winning Burlington County’s endorsement this morning. He has previously won the endorsements to the Union, Somerset, Hunterdon and Camden GOP organizations.

In his confident and optimistic remarks before the Monmouth GOP convention, Dr. Mehata praised President Trump’s State of the Union Address and touted his own humble beginnings as a first generation American who worked his way through college, graduate school and law school to become a healthcare expert who has worked successfully in both the private and public sectors.

“Let me be clear: There’s no other candidate in this race that understands the regulatory mess the Affordable CareAct has created – and how to fix it – more than me,” Mehta declared.

The candidate pledged to support President Trump’s efforts to reform immigration policy, oppose Governor Phil Murphy’s Sanctuary State policies, and to fight socialists in Washington “who want Medicare-for-All and more suffocating government control over our lives.”

“I will DEFEND the rights of law-abiding gun owners and protect our unborn children.

“I will WORK to restore the full federal SALT deduction and make the Trump tax cuts permanent.

“I will DEMAND that New Jersey gets its fair share from Washington for what we send there in taxes – and fight to protect our remaining military bases from future BRAC’s.

“Last, but not least, I will JOIN with the President in his fight against radicals in the Middle East and the terrorists around the world.

“Senator Booker’s “I am Spartacus” antics and his failed Presidential campaign have made him weaker than ever before.

But to beat him we need a fresh face, with bold ideas, and a conservative vision to make New Jersey a place to live, not leave.”

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4 Comments on “Rik Mehta wins U.S. Senate endorsement from Monmouth GOP”

  1. County Committee said at 6:45 pm on February 8th, 2020:

    I think Ms. Rivera won over a lot of people with her passion (including me). I hope we see more of her.

  2. @ County Committee said at 7:31 pm on February 8th, 2020:

    Yes. She had passion. However, respectfully I did not come to hear her play the race card. We get angry when the left does that. We should not accept the same. I wanted to hear what she would do for our country

    Nor did I come to hear Singh bad mouth an opponent.

    Both exhibited bad form.

    The right candidate won.

  3. We need to said at 4:52 pm on February 10th, 2020:

    get behind the gentleman: in a perfect world, if Cory lost to him, and isn’t chosen as VP, he’d actually likely need to go get a job.. maybe at Christie’s new institute/foundation, or whatever it is..

  4. The Race Card said at 8:06 pm on February 10th, 2020:

    Bitch never played me.