Does Bloomberg want to show Booker the door?

Could Mike Bloomberg possibly be supporting Cory Booker’s opponent in the Democrat primary for U.S. Senate?

Larry Hamm, a civil rights activist from Newark, is challenging Booker in the June 2 primary. Hamm is also leading Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in New Jersey.  He does not have much nice to say about Bloomberg.

“It’s obscene that Bloomberg thinks he can buy an election,” Hamm said, according to InsiderNJ. “There is no precedent for the amount of money he has spent in such a short period of time. What is it so far – $300 million? That’s more than all the other candidates combined. This is a realization of citizens’ worst fears. This is anti-democratic, emblematic of plutocracy. I wish he would get out of the race and put his funds into organizations fighting voter suppression. It’s megalomaniacal. It’s not enough for him to control his empire; he’s got to control the federal government, too? It’s sociopathic behavior.

“I’m livid,” Hamm added.

So why is “Bloomberg 2020” using the ActBlue to raise money for Hamm’s campaign?

The Bloomberg campaign has not yet responded to our email or phone call to verify that they authorized the fundraising email. Neither has the Hamm campaign responded.  ActBlue sent a automatic email acknowledging the inquiry.

Let's show Cory Booker the door!

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