Monmouth Dems Dump Their Eatontown Slate

Monmouth Democrat Chairman Dave Brown

Monmouth County Democrat Chairman Dave Brown really ought to do a better job of vetting his candidates.

NewJerseyGlobe reports that Brown has renounced his local candidates in Eatontown because of their illegal fundraising activities and because one of the candidates switched Parties to run.

Last month Brown withdrew his Party’s support for Middletown Township Committee candidate Jean Sager after MMM posted video of her calling cops criminals.

Brown and his Party are standing behind freeholder candidate Moira Nelson despite her social media posts, published by MMM, depicting law enforcement officers as trigger happy racist slave masters who do not belong in our schools.

Nelson has been appearing at events explaining that she loves cops and was only quoting history…like 2018.

When Brown dumped Sager he wrote, “Our Democratic candidates focus their campaigns on fiscal responsibility, supporting law enforcement in their protection of our communities and maintaining Monmouth County’s character and values.  Our Party will not stand for this disgraceful way of thinking, which is why we are refusing all resources to the Sager campaign and formally withdrawing the endorsement of the Monmouth County Democrats.  Let it be a clear message: The Monmouth County Democratic Party will not stand for this disgraceful behavior now or in the future.”

Stay tuned.  There are other municipal candidates running in Monmouth County that most voters will probably conclude do not maintain “Monmouth County’s character and values.”  We’ll be writing about them, and sharing more social media posts, soon.

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5 Comments on “Monmouth Dems Dump Their Eatontown Slate”

  1. When will said at 3:59 pm on October 10th, 2019:

    some candidates realize that once they put their name on a line to run for something, they should hold themselves, and some inflammatory opinions, to a higher standard?.. In other words, maybe you can get forgiven for some old posts, but we all know once it’s out there, the other side can wrap things around your neck, and stifle your efforts to become a “leader of people”.. it’s often an ok way to get a message out quickly and cheaply, but, too much reliance on social media in anyone’s life, is often bad news/ bad practice..

  2. Nonsense said at 5:17 pm on October 10th, 2019:

    POTUS is doing just fine and has the best Twitter account in the universe.

  3. Am talking about said at 8:19 pm on October 10th, 2019:

    the many candidates,and cops, and other local officials over the past few years, who have had to resign, or been thrown out,due to what was considered prejudice, hate- speech, or other dumb, thoughtless postings, on social media. It is also not an excuse to do less pounding of the pavement, or shaking of hands, of real voters..

  4. There's Always said at 12:19 pm on October 16th, 2019:

    Bob English to fill the Democrat void.

    That said part 2

    Jasmine Story’s sexist post illustrates the hypocrisy of the Democrats. They attack sexism but use it themselves when they feel the need. #despicable


  5. @am talking about said at 1:05 am on October 22nd, 2019: