Byrnes suspends his Democrat campaign for Middletown Township Committee

Sean Byrnes suspended his campaign for Middletown Township Committee less than twelve hours after MMM published video of his running mate, Jeana Sager, calling cops criminals, admitting she would misrepresent herself to get elected, calling for the elimination of drug treatment centers, the expansion of syringe access centers and equating heroin with caffeine.

Byrnes told Middletown Patch that he had just learned of Sager’s comments, which were made outside a Middletown Township Committee meeting in June.

“I learned of these statements today, and I absolutely disagree with her,” Byrnes exclusively told Patch. “I have today suspended my campaign for Township Committee. If she does not withdraw from the campaign, then I will. I cannot run with someone who has such beliefs.”

Patch reported that Sager did not respond to several requests for comment.

Despite the fact that Vote By Mail ballots are printed and mailed, and despite the fact that the statutory deadline for switching candidates was last week,  it is still possible for the Monmouth County Democrats to replace Sager and/or Byrnes on the ballot.

NJ Courts have allowed late campaign candidate changes so long as the Party making the request covers the cost of printing and mailing new ballots.


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