Tune into the NJ Globe Power Hour at 5 pm Saturday on 77 WABC

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Remembering my father’s public service

Arthur V. Gallagher in the 1970’s

By Art Gallagher

As a blogger and political strategist I’ve been credited with writing, in real time, the political obituaries, of many candidates and office holders, Democrats and some Republicans, in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

This weekend I am sadly tasked with writing the real obituary for my father, Arthur V. Gallagher, from whom I inherited many traits, including the love for writing, politics and the conviction that government should be run efficiently to serve the people. Dad passed away peacefully last night at the age of 88, from non-COVID-19 related natural causes.

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Monmouth Dems Dump Their Eatontown Slate

Monmouth Democrat Chairman Dave Brown

Monmouth County Democrat Chairman Dave Brown really ought to do a better job of vetting his candidates.

NewJerseyGlobe reports that Brown has renounced his local candidates in Eatontown because of their illegal fundraising activities and because one of the candidates switched Parties to run.

Last month Brown withdrew his Party’s support for Middletown Township Committee candidate Jean Sager after MMM posted video of her calling cops criminals. Read the rest of this entry »

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Congressman Smith: Reports that he voted against the wall are inaccurate

In a phone interview with MMM this morning, Congressman Chris Smith, R-NJ 4, said that published reports by New Jersey Globe and SaveJersey claiming that he voted with Democrats to reopen the federal government without funding a wall for our southern border are incomplete and inaccurate.

“I am a strong supporter of securing our southern border, including the wall–I voted for $5.7 billion for the wall in December-– and have been throughout my career,” Smith said.  “The bill I voted for yesterday, H J Res 1, would fund the only Department of Homeland Security and only until February 9.”

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