Middletown Republicans Stand With Police

With their Democrat opposition no longer mounting a campaign, Middletown Township Committee members Kevin Settembrino and Rick Hibel have refocused their reelection campaign to enthusiastically support the men and women of the Township’s Police Department.

Democrat Sean Byrnes suspended his campaign for Committee after MMM released video of his running mate, Jeana Sager, calling cop criminals and espousing radical views on narcotics.  The Middletown and Monmouth County Democrat organizations withdrew their support for Sager who pledged to press on with no resources or organized support.

The Middletown Republican Organization purchased 250 lawn signs that boldly read STAND WITH OUR POLICE  and name their candidates in smaller print.  Signs are available by commenting or messaging the Republicans on their facebook page.

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One Comment on “Middletown Republicans Stand With Police”

  1. Great move said at 2:28 pm on October 7th, 2019:

    Maybe this will encourage more cops to vote for the GOP.