Impreveduto: Now is the time to start preparing kindergartners for the first day of school

Freeholder Pat Impreveduto with students in Long Branch last year

Freeholder Deputy Director Pat Impreveduto, the liaison to the County Superintendent of Schools and a life long educator, is advising parents of children who will be attending kindergarten in September to start preparing their kids now, in early August.

“When a child starts kindergarten, students and parents alike may feel anxiety before, on and even after the first day of school,” Impreveduto said. “Even though it is the beginning of August, this time of the summer goes by in the blink of an eye and parents should start preparing their children as soon as possible.”

The Deputy Director offers the following tips:

  • Establish Routines. it is important to establish bedtime, reading and family mealtime routines. This will help strengthen the family bond and nurture a child’s self-confidence.
    • Bedtime routines: This helps ensure that kids get a good night’s sleep and will be ready for the next day’s adventures
    • Reading routines: Reading with children for just 20 minutes a day helps build their language and literacy skills
    • Family mealtime routines: Spending time together at the dinner table gives parents a chance to teach children about healthy eating habits while building their language and strengthening the parent-child relationship
  • Talk to your child about what to expect. Spend time talking with your child about what kindergarten and the day-to-day will be like.
    • Bring your child to the classroom and introduce them to their teacher before the first day to help alleviate anxiety and concerns. Children will feel more confident after this introduction.
    • Participate in kindergarten orientation and familiarize your family with school protocols.
    • Openly communicate with your child’s teacher and school administration to ensure a happy, healthy school year.

“Kindergarten is a big transition and a huge step for both parent and child, especially if kindergarten is at a new, unfamiliar school,” said Impreveduto. “Involve yourself in their education by encouraging reading and writing and helping with homework to inspire creative thought and listening. Through collaboration and communicating with kindergarten teachers, parents will help their children make the most out of school and set the groundwork for future academic success.”

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