Brookdale-Georgian Court agreement cuts cost of a bachelors degree by 75%

Georgian Court President Joseph R. Marbach, Ph.D. (left) and Brookdale President David Stout, Ph.D. (right)

A new agreement between Brookdale Community College and Georgian Court University enables students to receive a four year baccalaureate for less than the average cost of tuition for one year at a private college.

Local college students can receive an associates and a bachelors degree for a cost of less than $33,000 under the new 3 + 1 program offered by Brookdale and Georgian Court.  The average annual tuition at a four year private college was $34,790 in the 2017-2018 school year, according to StudentDebtRelief.us

The partnership which was approved by the Brookdale Board of Trustees this month starts in January.

“This means students can stay at Brookdale for a third year to begin their bachelor’s studies, then transfer to either Georgian Court University’s Lakewood campus or our Hazlet location for a fourth year to complete their degree,” Joseph R. Marbach, Ph.D., Georgian Court president, explained.

“College students today are looking for affordable options that are accessible and flexible,” he said. “The Brookdale-Georgian Court 3+1 program, available to students ready to transfer as early as Spring 2020, reflects that.”

“Georgian Court University has been a trusted partner with Brookdale for many years, and this new chapter in our relationship will enable more students to begin their careers with less debt and to continue their studies at convenient locations,” said Dr. David Stout, president of Brookdale. “It is an excellent fit with our mission to provide high-quality and affordable educational pathways.”

Students participating in the program will take their third year courses at Brookdale’s Hazlet location, taught by Georgian Court professors, and pay Brookdale tuition, before transferring to Georgian Court in Lakewood or Hazlet for their senior year studies.

“Transferring from Brookdale to Georgian Court is simple and seamless,” said Kathleen Boody, GCU’s interim vice president for enrollment and retention.

“Our generous transfer policy of accepting at least 75 community college credits—and in some cases, more—is also part of the 3+1 deal,” she said. “And ultimately, at the end of four years, students graduate with two degrees: an associate degree and a full bachelor’s degree. That’s impressive.”

The arrangement is considered a win-win all around.

“For most or all majors, some of the third-year courses will be taught by GCU professors as students get ready for their final year of college,” explained Janice Warner, Ph.D., interim provost for Georgian Court. “Most importantly, 3+1 students will pay Brookdale tuition and fees for these university-level courses.”

In their final, fourth year of college, 3+1 students finish at:

  • GCU’s main campus in Lakewood in one of six GCU majors; they can also pursue teacher certification or fifth-year studies toward an MBA; or
  • [email protected], which offers conveniently scheduled classes attractive to students juggling work, family, and school. 3+1 transfers attending [email protected] get reduced tuition at $550 per credit, and can pursue one of six GCU majors, teacher certification, and/or fifth-year studies toward an MBA.

The 3 +1 agreement between Brookdale and Georgian Court in the first in New Jersey between a community college and a private four year university.

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