Ocean Township Elections Results Hold

L-R; Donna Schepiga, Margie Donlon, David Fisher, Christopher Siciliano and John Napolitani after the polls closed on May 14

The number of mail-in ballots that arrived at the Monmouth County Board of Elections at the 8PM Thursday deadline is insufficient to alter to unofficial result of the non-partisan Ocean Township municipal election reported  on Tuesday night, MMM as learned.

Hundreds of Vote-By-Mail ballots were still outstanding on Tuesday night, when Councilman John Napolitani appeared to win the fifth seat on the five person council, defeating his colleague and running mate, Councilwoman Donna Schepiga by only 34 votes.  Less than 20 ballots arrived in Freehold.

Ocean Township vote count as of Weds morning May 15.  Click for larger view

Barring an unexpected vacancy, Ocean Township’s council will be comprised of Margie Donlon MD, Christoper Siciliano, David Fisher DC, Rob Acerra and Napolitani upon the July 1 reorganization.

The council elects a mayor from their ranks.  By tradition in Ocean, the top vote getter is the mayor.  However, Siciliano is expected to be chosen to serve another term as mayor.

Under the Bob Menendez Reelection Protection Act passed by the Democrat legislature and signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy last summer, every New Jersey voter who requested a Vote-By-Mail ballot for the 2016 presidential election automatically receives a ballot in future elections, unless they opt-out.

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  1. Good name said at 11:48 am on May 18th, 2019:

    for that annoying law and too true. Like nails on a blackboard every time Menendez opens his mouth: acts so self righteous, when,if not for the dumb hung jury, he ought to be at least out of office, if not in prison.
    Very glad for Rob Acerra- give ‘em hell.