The Murphys and Bon Jovis Holding Cory2020 Fundraiser This Weekend

Governor Phil Murphy and First Lady Tammy Murphy will be joined by Dorothea and Jon Bon Jovi in headlining a high dollar fundraiser for Senator Cory Booker’s 2020 presidential campaign on Sunday, according to a copy of the invitation to the event obtained by MMM.

We have learned that the event will be held at the Murphy residence in Middletown.

For  $1,000 donations guests will be treated to cocktails starting at 4PM.

For $2,800 guests get cocktails and a photo with Cory. Photos with Cory used to be free.

Anyone who raises $28,000 gets cocktails, a photo with Cory and dinner at 5:30 pm, presumably with Cory, the Murphys and Bon Jovis .

We have yet to learn if Senator Booker’s new girlfriend, Rosario Dawson, will be in attendance or how much a photo with her costs.

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17 Comments on “The Murphys and Bon Jovis Holding Cory2020 Fundraiser This Weekend”

  1. Private address? said at 6:27 pm on March 22nd, 2019:

    Come on, we all know what part of what main road in “Red Bank” that Bon Jovi lives on, if not necessarily the numerics.

  2. Proud Republican said at 10:40 pm on March 22nd, 2019:

    I think the hair spray from Bon Jovi’s hair band days sunk into his brain. Why would anyone with half a brain support this dolt who was a horrible mayor in Newark, is a disaster as a senator, and has made more idiotic statements than everyone except AOC?

  3. Yawn.. said at 11:46 am on March 23rd, 2019:

    guess we’ll just need to muddle through without such wonderfulness on our team.. bad ideas, bad government, no matter who espouses it.

  4. Wasted Money said at 8:39 am on March 24th, 2019:

    Booker is going no where. He’s at 3.5% in Iowa, 3.7% in New Hampshire, and a high water mark of 6% in S. Carolina. But that will drop in S. Carolina after he get’s blown out in the first two states. His national average is only 4% so I doubt he’ll survive the first round of Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and S. Carolina. This is nothing but an audition for the VP spot and I would be surprised if he got that because NJ would not be adding any more electoral votes because it’s a Blue State.

  5. LINDA said at 9:47 am on March 24th, 2019:

    These Donkeys had better “pass the hat” for the overtime pay for the Middletown Police Department. In the past Mr Rockin Roll Hall Of Fame has had events for Obama and Gore and left the costs incurrred for police presence to the tax paying residents of Middletown. Although I did observe State of New Jersey Park Police in the vicinity. NJ State Park Police? Is that an abuse of power by the Murphy administration?

  6. How would said at 10:28 am on March 24th, 2019:

    that be an abuse of power? They are a state law enforcement agency, correct? You people love to rant about the stupidest bullshit all the time.

  7. @ How would said at 3:15 pm on March 24th, 2019:

    I knew you were talking about Phil Murphy when you said “stupidest bull shit.” Glad you agree

  8. @@ said at 9:25 pm on March 24th, 2019:

    That was a struggle for you to get that sentence out, huh? Just exit stage left….

  9. @@@ said at 8:09 am on March 25th, 2019:

    there you go, again….

  10. @how would said at 8:27 am on March 25th, 2019:

    No struggle at all. Quite easy actually, when you consider Phil Murphy and your very apt description of him. Btw, are you now in a funk over the Mueller report? Imagine the conversation at Bon Jovi’s Booker Fest with the determination of no collusion and no obstruction? Haha that must have been hilarious!

  11. No Grandpa said at 11:16 am on March 25th, 2019:

    the daily machinations of politics in this country does not affect my moods, as it clearly does yours. Did you have enough “pep in your step” to satisfy that small hole in the drywall of your bedroom this morning? I’m trying to use tamer language because I know you can’t handle saltier words. Also, who do you think is starting 1B for the Yankees on Opening Day? I’ll hang up and listen.

  12. @no grandpa said at 12:54 pm on March 25th, 2019:

    Translation anyone?

  13. Not to worry, said at 6:38 pm on March 25th, 2019:

    friend, we have at least one grumpy, sarcastic, elitist individual poster out there, who is just so much “smarter” than everyone else- but, continually shows his ignorance by dissing anyone with an opinion he either disagrees with, or can’t help himself getting personal over. Well, whatever, too bad for him most of the rest of us here realize that everybody has a right to their own opinions, however they deem best to express them. Onward, and why not just enjoy the lib media having to scramble for new narratives against our President, today??

  14. Did that said at 7:29 pm on March 25th, 2019:

    really need a translation? It was spot-on and hilarious.

  15. I rest my case.. said at 8:13 pm on March 25th, 2019:

    Trump 2020.

  16. You said at 9:10 pm on March 25th, 2019:

    Just can’t help yourself, it’s adorable.

  17. Neither can you said at 9:49 am on March 26th, 2019:

    – and it sure is not adorable- why not start your own Arrogant, Grumpy Lib blog? You’ll have plenty of lamestream media, so-called academics, and hypocritical Hollywood- ites to talk to and commiserate with.