Birds of a feather

David F. Hohsfield, 62, of Manchester Township, is accused of making sexually explicit and vulgar comments within earshot of pre-teen girls in Howell retail stores last week while pretending to be talking on his cell phone.

John P. Curley, 65, of Middletown Township, is accused of making sexually explicit and vulgar comments to minors while pretending to be a role model.

But these cuckoos are not flying together.

Hohsfield is in the custody of the Monmouth County Correctional Institution this morning.  Because he is a convicted Tier 3 sex offender, the Howell Police Department charged him with eight counts of fourth degree harassment for talking dirty into his cell phone within earshot of pre-teen girls.

Curley is enjoying the trappings of his office, Monmouth County Freeholder.  Because he has deep pocketed allies, President Barack Obama’s former attorney, Angelo Genova, is defending Curley’s reprehensible conduct and claiming in a federal lawsuit that he has proprietary rights to those trappings.

So while Hohsfield sits in jail, Curley continues to role play and enjoy the benefits of his taxpayer funded health care. He has a taxpayer funded confidential aide and he appears at County and community events, like those where he offered a minor a snake show and another minor a lesson on sweating a pipe, and gets his picture taken with his colleagues.  Those photos are then posted on taxpayer funded social media and visitmonmouth.com to perpetuate the myth that he is a role model for children and a man worthy of leading a County government that serves almost 700,000 people, employs 3,000 people and has a half billion dollar budget.

Too bad for Hohsfield that he can’t afford the services of a guy like Genova.

Because this website is giving more attention to Curley’s disgraceful conduct than other media outlets, and because his colleagues, who Censured and Reprimanded him last December, now pose for pictures with him as if he is an acceptable role model and leader, Curley and his non compos mentis supporters are spinning his troubles as a vendetta against him and fake news by the publisher of this site.

Curley, who now states publicly that he does not take blogs seriously, wants you and his friends to forget that he used this site to launch his claim to fame–his take down of former Brookdale Community College President Peter Burnham,when other media outlets would not publish his statement and when he was getting pressure to keep his filthy mouth shut about Brookdale.

If Curley becomes a candidate for reelection, as an Independent, his reputation will take much harder hits than it is taken since he was Censured and Reprimanded in December. More facts will come out and his friends in the media will not be able to give him cover.

If Curley and his supporters think he can get reelected as an Independent, they are really non compos mentis.  The best Curley can do, as his own vendetta, is help the candidacy of a political operative for organized labor.

John Curley should give up his vendetta against those who supported him for many years and accept responsibility for destroying his own political career.  More importantly, he should accept responsibility for the hurt he has caused and the damage he has done to the lives of his victims.

Those who still support Curley,  asks yourselves, would you still support him if his victims included a member of your family?


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One Comment on “Birds of a feather”

  1. What a mess. said at 11:27 am on May 14th, 2018:

    Am sure his supporters were (and likely still are) folks trying to be “team players,” and keep Democrats from getting a toe-hold into our county, which we all know would be the beginning of Essex/ Hudson/ Passaic South. Am sorry to say, I don’t believe John will go quietly- he has always grandstanded for headlines for himself, even if it meant embarrassment or harm to his own party, and appears to desire retribution and, like other “bulls in china shops,”does not really care who goes down with him. If he is 65 now, he needs to get his Medicare card like everyone else, and buy a supplemental insurance policy, like everyone else. As for being in pictures, what else can the Board do, until his term ends, Dec. 31st?

    We also have seen much hypocrisy as to how “leaders” at many levels who have gone astray, are handled differently than regular citizens, which we all wish would stop.

    I would hope this wakes up all Republicans to go positive for our two Freeholder candidates this year, and work harder to win the seats, and put this sad, unfortunate experience behind us, so that we can keep Monmouth safe, green, smart, fiscally healthy, and the place people want to be.