Curley Threatened to Stab DiMaso

Disgraced Freeholder John P. Curley threatened to stab former Freeholder Serena DiMaso with a syringe, referred to DiMaso by an Italian slur,and made fun of an unspecified female County employee’s derriere, according to an Asbury Park Press report.

Curley also lunged at an employee, pointing in her face, and was overhead telling a third-party, “look at her a–,” “Who would want to sleep with her?” and “I wouldn’t touch her with a 40-foot pole,” according to app.com

If you call Curley at 732-683-8838 to demand that he resign, tell him you read about his disgusting conduct in the Asbury Park Press.

Last week at a Freeholder meeting, Curley told a resident who asked him about the allegations levied against him by former Assemblyman Michael Panter last month, that he does not respond to blogs.  So far, only MMM has reported on Panter’s letter.

Today’s revelations came in U.S. District Court Judge Brian R. Martinotti’s Trenton Court Room where President Barack Obama’s former attorney, Angelo Genova, representing Curley, asked Judge Martinotti to find the Monmouth County Freeholders in contempt for referring to information within the investigative report that former Acting NJ Supreme Court Justice Mary Catherine Cuff submitted to the Freeholder regarding Curley’s conduct when they Censured and Reprimanded him last December.

Attorney Jonathan Testa, representing Monmouth County, argued that the Censure and Reprimand Resolution did not violate Judge Martinotti’s seal because the information included came from sources other than Cuff’s report.  Testa then referred to the new information revealed today as information that was in the report but not in the Censure and Reprimand resolution.

Judge Martinotti unsealed the information discussed in Court today and said he would rule on Genova’s motion to hold County official in contempt or the County’s motion to dismiss Curley’s lawsuit on a future date.

Curley was Censured and Reprimanded last December for:

  • Making false statements to an independent investigator that he does not use vulgar, profane or strong language in public or private, conversely Freeholder Curley himself has previously bragged in the media in video interviews about calling an elected official a “fat motherf***r”, and admitted to the investigator that he angrily shouted at a female County employee while in the workplace;
  • Making comments of a sexual and vulgar nature to a fellow elected official during a public speech at an event attended by numerous County employees.
  • Denying to the independent investigator that he made the above referenced statement, despite being well-aware of the number of witnesses to the statement;
  • The investigator found that Freeholder Curley likely engaged in angry vulgar outburst causing female County employees to flee their offices based upon an independent review of the public meeting recordings;
  • Publicly criticizing County employees in the presence of other County employees;
  • The investigator noted that two female County employees recounted overhearing telephone conversations of Freeholder Curley which focused on the physical appearance of, and critical comments about women;
  • The investigator also noted that it has been alleged that Freeholder Curley made many other salacious and vulgar statements, such as, “I will go down on you and I won’t have to leave you a message”; “Oh that’s you who I wanted to bend over and take”; “c**t”; “b***h”; how to “sweat a pipe” to a teenager; “I’ll show you a snake show, sit on my lap and I’ll give you a show”; if proven to be true, such statements are disgusting, reprehensible, shocking, and should never be made by anyone, let alone a County Freeholder;
  • Attempting to excuse such conduct by declaring the Freeholders are not subject to the County policy against workplace discrimination and harassment;
  • Filing a federal lawsuit against the County of Monmouth and its Freeholders for alleged civil rights violations in the independent investigation despite having been represented by his own legal counsel throughout the investigative process;
  • Since Freeholder Curley file his lawsuit, it has been revealed that Freeholder Curley has allegedly used the word “faggot” and “queer” in front of and referring to County employees;
  • Making a public statement discrediting the County Freeholders and the independent investigation in  press release on December 1, 2017; while at the same time attempting to prevent the County Freeholders from responding to his statement by seeking a restraining order;
  • Publicly down playing his conduct, by explaining that he doesn’t “mince words,” and admitting that it “is a problem I have”, yet failing to take any action to fix this problem.

Since then, Curley was stripped of most of his responsibilities as a freeholder and was not nominated for reelection by the Monmouth Republican Party.  He has thus far ignored numerous calls for his resignation and defiantly justified his continuing to take his health insurance from his part-time employment as a freeholder.

Curley has told his supporters that he will run for reelection as an Independent. He changed his voter registration from Republican to Unaffiliated.  He has until June 5 to find 100 misogynists to sign his nominating petition.  MMM will publish his petition and the signatures, if he makes it.

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2 Comments on “Curley Threatened to Stab DiMaso”

  1. This gets said at 7:07 pm on April 30th, 2018:

    more problematic by the day. Appears this year’s county campaign will need to be run on the rulings of that judge. Whatever comes out of this, there are grave concerns for the Republican Party, this November.

  2. Enough Already said at 9:17 pm on April 30th, 2018:

    John this has got to stop now. Your hanging on is selfish and a slap at the people you claim to represent. Step down gracefully and try to put your life back in order.